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Tamiya has over a decade of writing and editing experience, and has written on a variety of subjects, including fashion, cooking. alternative health, women's health, finance and home decor. Her published articles have appeared and been noted in a number of magazines and reputable online sources, including Madame Noire, StyleBlazer, The Knot and the Houston Chronicle.
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Tamiya is also particularly skilled in vocal music performance, poetry and cooking. She is currently studying to become a naturopathic health coach, which will further qualify her to continue preparing alternative health articles for clients.


music, African art, cooking, home decorating


Oakwood College

Tamiya's studies included learning about print and broadcast journalism, as well as exploring forms of creative writing like poetry and short stories.


100 Projects Completed

Tamiya's food articles and recipes have appeared on a number of websites like Momtourage.com and Ehow.com. Most of the work she has done in this field has to do with writing healthy or creative recipe ideas for kids and families.


75 Projects Completed

Tamiya has prepared a number of fashion articles detailing fashion trends or color schemes for websites like Ehow.com and Madame Noire.


50 Projects Completed

Tamiya has written beauty and fashion blogs and conducted a number of product reviews for websites like Mighty Beauty, Styleblazer and Yahoo Voices.

Green Living

35 Projects Completed

Tamiya has written articles about living an eco-friendly lifestyle and the benefits of gardening for companies such as Textbroker and Ehow.com.


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