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Cheryline L. is a freelance writer who has worked in areas of finance, health and fitness for more than 10 years. During her tenor at a reputable mortgage company, she became the leading mortgage broker with her aggressive sales tactic and dedication to her work. She specialized in mortgage loans, personal finance, debt consolidation and bankruptcy. In the time that she spent at a well-known health and wellness center, she participated and learned about various exercise programs, alternative medicinal options, living a healthy lifestyle and eating well. Her wide range of experience and expertise during her Freelance Writing career has allowed her to be an excellent researcher and writer on various topics that include pets, landscaping, relationships, social issues, dating, and business. A dedicated and passionate writer for fifteen years, writer holds a Bachelor Degree in Communication from the University of Miami. Writes on various genres and is also a published author of eight of books. Knows the ins and outs of personal and business finance.
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University of Miami

Attended the University of Miami and graduated with honors in 2004 with a four-year degree in Mass Communication.


216 Projects Completed

Internet marketing is her specialty. She has used it to sell ebooks online. She has also used it to write articles for various clients. She is a member of many reputable online marketing forums to gather new information on how to market online.


213 Projects Completed

She has worked as a license mortgage broker for a reputable company. She has also written numerous articles over the years about personal finance management.


200 Projects Completed

As a woman, she can identify with the issues that women face. She has also written numerous articles pertaining to women and their advancement. She would be happy to contribute her knowledge and experience on the topic.


153 Projects Completed

She is a fashonista and loves to write about the latest fashion trends. She searches the internet for the best trends for each season in order to write articles for her clients.


153 Projects Completed

She has written numerous articles on health and fitness. She also includes fitness into her daily lifestyle. She can provide extensive research on topics related to fitness and living an active lifestyle.


147 Projects Completed

In the time that she spent at a well-known health and wellness center, she participated and learned about various exercise programs, alternative medicinal options, living a healthy lifestyle and eating well. She also lives a healthy and organic lifestyle after the death of her mother from cancer six years ago.


139 Projects Completed

She has written many articles about different aspects of business, finance, mortgages and more. She has worked in the business industry in various fields and positions. She brings her experience, knowledge and understanding to the table. She has also written hundreds of business articles.


113 Projects Completed

Having personal knowledge of relationships because of being married for more than 28 years, she brings a lot to the table. With two adult sons from the marriage who also have their own relationship and seek advice from their mother. After writing many relationship articles, she has become quite an expert on the topic.


81 Projects Completed

Worked in a HR Assistant position for 5 years. Hired new employees, handled benefits packaging, supervised job fairs and reviewed resumes.

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