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Allison O. is a creative, capable writer with six years of experience as a full-time freelance writer. Before becoming a writer, she was a professional dog trainer and worked in alternative medicine. She has published articles in several national journals on topics ranging from hiking and travel to animal husbandry. She enjoys writing about her hobbies but also has extensive experience writing about insurance, legal issues, finances and science and technology. Allison O. has excellent research skills and can write comfortably on most topics. She can handle anything from a short product description to a long magazine article, although most of her writing has been for blog posts and websites. She is also experienced with press releases and grant proposals from her time volunteering with nonprofit organizations.

Allison O. has excellent editing skills. She works as a fiction editor for a small publishing house, and edits blog posts and technical articles for several companies. She is skilled at creating a smooth-flowing article that is easy to read.

Since becoming a full-time writer, she has also specialized in SEO and is excellent at creatively using keywords in natural ways. She has developed several websites from start to finish, and used her SEO skills to get them first-page search results. In addition, her articles have been published on a wide variety of blogs, and she has written company descriptions and personal biographies for a number of major companies. Her primary goal is to create fun, unique content that makes her clients and readers happy.


Allison O. specializes in informative articles on a variety of topics, especially health and animal-related topics. She has a firm understanding of SEO principles and is experienced at using keywords in a natural way.


Allison O. is a dog lover, a member of a K9 search-and-rescue team, a member of several national equestrian organizations, and a Reiki master. She is also a fitness buff who is planning to run her first marathon in 2014.


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Allison O. has written numerous articles on health and wellness. She specializes in complementary medicine and holistic health. Her articles generally focus on complementary medicine as a supplemental way to speed healing from injuries and illness, but she also writes about improving general health through alternative means. Allison O. is a Reiki master and has studied herbal remedies in-depth.


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Allison O. has written extensively on pets and animal care. Before becoming a writer, she was a professional dog trainer specializing in positive methods and training search-and-rescue dogs. She has also worked as a veterinary technician, giving her behind-the-scenes knowledge about pet health. She has written for numerous blogs, magazines and pet information websites.


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Allison O. has a background in agriculture and animal husbandry, having grown up on a hay farm and raised horses, cattle, chickens and goats. She has written articles for both local and national industry journals and interest magazines, and has also been published on a variety of blogs and websites. She was a professional horse trainer for 10 years and bred Arabian horses, and has trained as a farrier.


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