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Linda W. is a freelance writer who comes to this career through other professional careers. She brings team-building, excellent communication skills and professional counseling and mediation skills to the table. Linda W. has been a landscape designer and avid gardener, an artist and reader, an outdoors-person who is always exploring spiritually.

Linda W. is fascinated with the world of SEO and the concept of driving the world of the internet in a specific direction. She has been focused on developing facility with keywords and tags. Her experience has been in ghostwriting small articles for website publication and in rewriting or writing blog articles for others.

Linda W. is an accomplished academic researcher and has always loved the world of education. She is a comfortable presenter of her works and this has led her to become a storyteller. Writing stories and poems, as well as keeping a journal has always been woven into the fabric of her life.

Linda W. has written three blogs on an on-going basis and wrote a gardening column that was published in a local weekly newspaper for a period of a year. She is working on a book about Quakers and community.


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Linda W. completed two types of work in this area: she wrote a weekly garden column for the course of a year for small weekly newspaper and has completed many small articles for online publication


Linda W has been a professional psychotherapist for 22 years and brings this experience to her writing. She has written and present workshops over that period and has written a blog, CoachingaPeacefulLife.blogspot.com, in which she talks about how to live peacefully in accord with others.


Linda W. has a Master's in Pastoral Counseling and has devoted a good amount of her time to spiritual exploration. She has been writing small articles for web publication and blogs, and has been guest writing for newsletters and journals.

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