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William has excellent writing skills. In the past 35 years, he worked on more than 3,000 writing projects which include: Academic Papers, Journal Articles, Annual Reports, Business Plans, Grants, Request for Proposals, Press Releases, Public Speeches, Blogs, Biographies, Technical Manuals, Private Placement Memorandums, Prospectus, Offering Documents, Debentures, Grants, Operational Plans, Strategic Plans, Marketing Programs, Advertising Copy, Cartoons, Children's Books, Screenplays, Novels and more.

William has industry experience in film, television, information technology, non-profits, social media, business management, accounting, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, media, advertising, publishing, and entertainment. He structured financing for companies in entertainment, technology, real estate, biotech, insurance, and banking. He has direct experience in managing an extensive investment portfolio.

He has practical experience in management of companies in the entertainment industry. He has owned a nightclub and recording studio. He has experience in large-scale event production. He produced a live radio show for national syndication. He co-produced a live interactive television series in 1992 - 1993 called "21st Century Vaudeville" that ran for 110 episodes in 81 markets which included a successful prime time run on a major NBC affiliate in the Boston area.

In 1994, He produced a television news magazine (26 episodes) called "Thumbs Up" that reviewed development in new media, computer gaming, animation, and the earliest commercial advancements on the Internet. He has extensive experience in music, production, film, television, computer programming, software development, and interactive Internet technology.

His education background consists of earning a B.A. in Business Economics (double major) from UCLA, a MBA from Boston University, and a Master of Arts in Broadcast Communication from San Francisco State University.
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Entertainment, technology, real estate, biotech, insurance, and banking.


Travel, humanitarian work, and foreign languages



double major

Boston University (European Extension Program)

graduated summa cum laude

San Francisco State University

produced television news programs while at school


2,130 Projects Completed

William has been a business writer for over 35 years. He has written thousands of articles for small businesses, press releases, business plans, offering documents, marketing plans, private placement memorandums, white papers, and conference presentations to name a few. William is known by his clients as a one-man paperwork creating army.


378 Projects Completed

William has structured financing for companies in entertainment, technology, real estate, biotech, insurance and banking. He has direct experience in managing an extensive investment portfolio. He has participated as lead in the raising of many millions of capital for technology companies (US$ 38 million), entertainment ventures (US$ 22 million) and dozens of motion picture films (US$ 212 million). He has raised over US$ 470 million in successfully funded transactions.


144 Projects Completed

William has conducted extensive market research that was used to create viable national advertising campaigns, both online and offline, in the sectors of biotechnology, healthcare, fitness, diet and entertainment. For this research, consumer trends were identified that gave his clients first-mover advantage over competitors which generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.


102 Projects Completed

William is a screenwriter and often serves as a ghost writer for others that want to turn their story concepts into a major feature film. He has worked on dozens of movie projects either starting from original concepts or doing re-writes to polish scripts that still need work to be improved.


8 Projects Completed

William has explored the depths of the human expression of religion and spirituality by living in a dozen different countries and visiting over 150 more. He was a participant in the Millennium World Conference of Religious and Spiritual leaders which was the first and only time that hundreds of renown world leaders of all faiths gathered to commune together in open friendly dialogue at the United Nations.

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2,446 Projects Completed

Business writing for blogs and articles


980 Projects Completed

Articles for business, travel, international affairs, film-making and movie finance.


202 Projects Completed

Excerpt from Private Placement Memorandum

Producers of motion pictures must have a distribution and marketing plan for their films. The plan represents the best case scenario for the film and is designed to maximize exposure and profits for the production, and if possible, provide presales agreements and co-production financing for future projects. A distribution and marketing plan is essential in order to better define audience appeal and interest from film distribution companies. The plan covers the release of the film in the U.S. and Canada, and addressed the needs of the global market, including Europe, Central and South America, Oceania and Asia. The distribution and marketing plan is organized in steps as follows: (a) meet with a major film distributor; (b) negotiate rights; (c) attend film festival; (d) foreign sales, and; (e) television and cable sales, and; (f) DVD, Blu-ray, VOD and SVOD.
The theatrical release of a film is the most important and most prestigious effort that can be made for a feature length motion picture. A distribution deal for the United Stated and Canada can be successfully negotiated during post production or festivals showings of the film. Outside US/Canada, the global theatrical revenues can account for up to sixty percent of the total dollars in gross revenues to producers. Countries such as England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, Mexico, and Brazil represent large markets for American films. Producers may want to engage a foreign sales company to represent their films or may find it advantageous to makes sales to all foreign territories on their own in an effort to increase potential returns.


41 Projects Completed

Ghosting writing and screenwriting


11 Projects Completed

novels written as ghostwriter and as published writer

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