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Elizebeth T. has loved writing since cutting her teeth on poetry in middle school. In high school and college, she turned to nonfiction and prose, writing award winning short stories and opinion articles for local papers. She currently writes a regular parenting blog with over two thousand followers and roughly one hundred articles. She prides herself on her knack for keeping the audience engaged, as well as the ability to make people smile or laugh outright as they read her words. She also acts as an editor for other writers and is a stickler for spelling accuracy and impeccable grammar. She is amazingly flexible at her craft, and is able to change her tone to reflect the topic and suit the needs of the client.

In addition to writing, Elizebeth is particularly worldly and has a very wide range of interests. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design in metals and jewelry. (While at college, she also studied creative writing and marketing.) She manages her own small business, is the principal bassoonist in a symphony, participates in craft fairs as a vendor of her wares, is a ferocious knitter, lives on a small goat farm, and has two children (who provide her with endless material for the parenting blog!). She is also very fond of animals and spent seven years as a veterinary technician and animal caretaker.

Elizebeth has had experience with search engine optimization while creating and maintaining her four websites and her blog. She also assists other artists and colleagues with gaining a higher position in Google, Bing, and other search engines by using strategic key words and tags. Elizebeth can't wait to see what kinds of articles she will be able to write while flexing her creative fingers for new clients!


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Elizebeth has two daughters, born in 2006 and 2009. She believes in "attachment parenting" and open, honest communications with children.


Elizebeth's family owns and lives in a small scale goat farm. They also maintain a vegetable garden, berry bushes, and fruit and nut trees. Although it is technically a hobby farm, they are able to produce more than a gallon of goat milk each day, and produce cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products for family and friends.


Elizebeth is a natural teacher to child and adult alike. She gives classes in her home studio for metalwork and henna, and "extra-schools" her children. She is also active in her community as a teen mentor and is a Girl Scout co-leader, and will be earning a Masters in education in the next several years.


Elizebeth believes that humor, both light and dark, keep people engaged when they would otherwise be tempted to turn away from a written piece. Her work is typically light-hearted, but she can also write pure comedy.


Elizebeth is a free-lance musician for instrumental music. She plays bassoon, clarinet, percussion, and several early music instruments for ensembles around her state.


Elizebeth has always had a fascination by World culture and religion. She grew up in a Catholic household, but soon realized that she was not a believer. She dabbled in various faiths, including Buddhism, Paganism, and Taoism, before settling on identifying as an atheist. She prefers to be classified as a Secular Humanist, however, and finds beauty and wonder in the universe around her.


Although Elizebeth has not had formal training in nutrition, she spends a good amount of time researching the subject. She wants to make sure that her family is eating the best food they can possibly get, and on a sustainable budget.

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