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Quentin L
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Quentin earned two Bachelor's Degrees from Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana. He holds a B.A. in History with a psychology minor, a B.S. in Marketing and 18 credit hours in journalism. He has written on a wide range of topics during his educational career including human interest, product and marketing studies, and various historical topics covering a breadth of areas from the Roman Empire to the career of boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

In his professional life Quentin is as versatile as his educational background would suggest. He's worked in numerous fields including biology lab assistant, state government, the cellular phone industry, information technology support, and the banking industry. His varied professional experience goes into his writing, as he believes that the best way to become a good writer (aside from practice) is to experience many different things.

While working in state government Quentin learned the ins and outs of the state tax system. He also helped correct customer's documentation and collect on accounts when needed. He used his cognitive ability to break down the complex tax laws into simple explanations and directions. Thanks to his hard work several delinquent accounts were made current, refunds were issued, and collections were made where needed.

In technical support Quentin's ability to understand complex systems and explain them to others again came to the forefront. While he worked in the IT field he gave correct and easily understood answers to a variety of computer problems. At the same time he never lost site of customer satisfaction.

During his time in the cellular industry Quentin helped transfer hundreds of accounts during a corporate merger, this lead to him explaining technology changes and account upgrades to customers. The documentation given to customers at the time while informative was confining to people. Thanks to his ability to summarize facts and data he was able to turn eight pages of jargon into simple five-minute explanations.

At his last office position Quentin worked in the mortgage department of a major American bank in support of the government's HARP program. Following the completion of that contract assignment he moved onto freelance writing. He currently transitioning into a freelance writing career for various content creation websites on the Internet creating concise and easily read material on a variety of topics. He already shows talent in the profession with a 4.3 star rating and 90+ submitted articles at one of the major content creation companies.
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