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Adrian R
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A business needs engaging content to succeed. Whether you want unique content on the topic of your choice, or revision of existing text, Adrian can help.

Adrian has worked in the writing industry for years providing marketing content for clients including Overstock.com, Staples, and Vistaprint. Through working with these companies, he became proficient at producing high-quality writing that quickly engages the reader, and with years of experience using the AP Stylebook and Chicago Manual of Style, Adrian's writing is fluid and attentive to detail.

With years of experience creating content for many companies, Adrian has learned how to concisely convey a message. Online readers vary from traditional readers. The content must instantly demonstrate its value, capture attention, and be written in an easy to read format. Adrian creates informative content that's designed for specific audiences.
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With over seven years of experience as a freelance writer, Adrian has learned to quickly understand a client's needs, then create high-quality content that helps improve the client's ROI. Adrian's developed multiple websites and has experience with SEO and Internet marketing, giving him an instinct-like ability to effortlessly incorporate keywords, anchor text, headers, and other SEO concepts into his articles without a second thought. An avid learner since elementary school, Adrian reads multiple books a month covering many subjects to stimulate his imagination. His constant desire for knowledge helps him create excellent non-fiction pieces for clients in many different fields.


Adrian R. is a freelance writer that lives in San Diego, California. He is always trying to learn more about technology, nutrition, and health and is currently training to run a 5K.

He has always had a love for music. He started playing the piano and guitar as a young kid, and is now relearning how to play music.


Rancho Buena Vista High School

Adrian graduated from Rancho Buena Vista in 2008 with a 3.10 GPA.


350 Projects Completed

Adrian created product descriptions for clients, such as Overstock.com, Gaiam, Vistaprint, and Staples. By working with these companies, he learned how to use multiple writing styles and adapt to the intended audience. Through the use of captivating titles, vivid imagery, and a personalized approach, he creates engaging marketing copy that encourages potential customers to buy.

Consumer Goods

347 Projects Completed

Adrian has written dozens of blog posts and product descriptions for consumer goods. He knows how to follow a feature/benefit format to tell readers how the product benefits their lives, or he can craft an aspirational piece that tells a story and lets the readers picture themselves living out their fantasies and dreams, thanks to the product.


2 Projects Completed

Ever since a young child, Adrian has had an interest in fitness. He uses this passion to create informative content that helps people realize what a healthy lifestyle can do for them. Words can teach and motivate, and Adrian strives to create pieces that help others discover how exercise and nutrition can change their lives for the better.


1 Projects Completed

Writing for STACK Media under the name Garland Smith, Adrian was introduced to a team of experts in the fields of nutrition, sports training, and fitness. Being a part of this team has greatly increased his knowledge regarding these topics. Adrian works hard to help others discover how to improve their training programs and excel in sports.


529 Projects Completed

Over the last six years, Adrian has written hundreds of articles for online authority sites, some of which receive thousands of unique views daily. Adrian has a strong background in creating non-fiction articles, and has a good understanding of the AP Stylebook and the Chicago Manual of Style, allowing him to customize content to meet clients' needs.

Blog Post

276 Projects Completed

Adrian has created numerous blogs and written hundreds of blog posts for small companies, as well as Fortune 500 companies. His vast level of experience allows him to create engaging content on a variety of subjects. Adrian is interested in studying SEO, so he's aware of search engine changes and how to create posts that Google is happy to see. Adrian understands that most online readers scan content, so he creates pieces that are easy to read and chooses simple, understandable words and generally writes short, to-the-point sentences.

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