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With nearly 10 years of experience writing and editing for online audiences, Kristy is an accomplished professional who loves bringing content to life. Her past experiences as a freelance reporter for have given her writing a journalistic, educational tone that consumers love.

Kristy has an extensive background in a number of niches, most notably a wide array of health and wellness topics. She recently earned a graduate-level certificate in Health Communication and Promotion from Washington State University. Throughout her career, she's collaborated with numerous doctors to help craft content for their sites, including chiropractors, plastic/cosmetic surgeons, primary care physicians, and more. She's also highly versed in addiction and substance abuse topics, as she's composed numerous fact-based blogs and articles on the subject. Past and current clients include Loyola Medicine, Nurx, Sondermind, Soberlink, Onward Healthcare, Travel Nursing,, and many more.

Currently, she's the managing editor for a group of financial and banking websites including Bankrate, The Simple Dollar, NextAdvisor,, and more, where she assigns content, coordinates writers, and edits all articles before submitting to the client. She's also spent time writing in the field of personal finance, penning articles for sites like Boosted Commerce, Financencize, Diversified Finances, and Budget and the Bees.

Another area of focus for Kristy is real estate, HVAC, and home improvement content. Kristy currently contributes to the Do It Best blog, and in the past, she's penned numerous blog posts for Equator, David Gray Plumbing and Electrical, and other home living and HVAC clients. She's also the managing editor for Aceable Agent, a real estate licensing platform, and a content editor for Clever Real Estate, an agent-matching service.

However, that's not all Kristy focuses on. She could keep going, as she's written about nearly every topic throughout her years as a freelance writer, including cars, animals, technology and business, marketing, insurance, flowers, casinos/gambling, and anything else you can think of.

Some of her favorite topics to write about include fitness/wellness (currently for Road Runner Sports, Foot Locker,; previously for GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe) travel (currently for Deluded Rambling; previously for Norwegian Cruise Line, Dunhill Travel Deals, Skyscanner), and animals (for a number of smaller pet blogs). She's not afraid of researching a new-to-her concept in order to create content that's relevant and compelling.

**Due to her experience, she does not work at rates lower than $0.15/word net ($0.21/word gross) for new clients.**
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Kristy S. has an extensive background in most health and wellness topics. She's collaborated with numerous doctors to help craft content for their sites, including chiropractors, plastic/cosmetic surgeons, primary care physicians, and more. She's also highly versed in addiction and substance abuse topics, as she's composed numerous fact-based blogs and articles on the subject.

Another area of focus is HVAC, as she's written blogs for numerous providers across the country focusing on a variety of topics to inform and educate readers. She's an expert at distilling complicated content down for an audience that may not be well-versed in the subject. And don't worry - she also specializes in plumbing and electrical content.

That's not all though - she's written about probably every topic throughout her years as a freelance writer, including cars, insurance, flowers, casinos, and anything else you can think of. Some of her favorite topics to write about include fitness/wellness, travel, home improvement, and animals.


Kristy's main interests include drinking craft beer and wine, practicing yoga, hiking and backpacking through the Pacific Northwest, and caring for her hyperthyroid cat.

In addition, she is a lover of sports and former ice hockey player. Literature and books are also her forte - she specialized in Victorian and Renaissance literature during school, completing a project that spoke about the Neoplatonic Woman in "Jane Eyre" and "The Faerie Queene". She is an accomplished painter, a hopeful novelist, a free-time crafter, and above all, a passionate dreamer.

Fun fact: Kristy S. is a certified ESL teacher and taught English to children ages 3 to 18 in the Czech Republic for nine months.


Allegheny College

Kristy S. completed her English degree at Allegheny College. She focused her studies on writing and Victorian/Renaissance literature.

Washington State University

Took classes in communicating health in practice, multimedia content creation, communicating health in a digital landscape, and ethics for professionals.


340 Projects Completed

As an ice hockey player, Kristy S. is an avid sports fan and tomboy. She has played nearly every sport throughout her life, including softball, soccer, basketball, golf, badminton, karate, racquetball, and track and field. She has written several sports articles for a local area news website which have attracted hundreds of viewers. In addition, Kristy S. has written many 400 word articles about a variety of sport topics, including how to play, venues, and even ticketing.


213 Projects Completed

Kristy is a highly experienced health and medical writer. From her two year tenure as the head of content creation for a local home healthcare company, to her years of experience freelance writing for doctors, drug abuse therapists, chiropractors, dentists, and more, she can tackle any medical or health project thrown at her. She's not afraid to research the tough subjects and produce content that is factual yet easy-to-understand for the everyday reader.


202 Projects Completed

In addition to working as the Head of Content Creation at Gallagher Home Health Services, Kristy has provided content for a number of high-profile healthcare clients. Companies she's worked with include Loyola Medicine, Nurx, American Addiction Centers, AMN Healthcare, PatientPop, and many more.


198 Projects Completed

Kristy S. previously worked for two years as the full-time content manager for a local area home health services provider before making the jump to freelancing. She wrote articles, informative tips and FAQs for the company's website, as well as managed all Facebook and social media posts. In addition, Kristy S. has worked with a variety of other medical clients, including chiropractors, dentists, plastic surgeons, medical doctors, physical therapists, and more. As one of her specialties, Kristy S. has composed numerous blog posts, landing pages, brochures, and even email newsletters in this subject matter. She knows how to properly research and investigate these delicate topics without producing misleading or inaccurate health information.


151 Projects Completed

For Kristy, lifestyle writing is one of the topics she likes writing about the most. She loves connecting with her readers and helping them find new ways to express themselves. She's created a wide range of lifestyle content through her years of work, including articles about home living, crafting, leading your best life, and more.


101 Projects Completed

Kristy is currently a writer for Clever Girl Finance. In the past, she was a managing editor for sites like Bankrate, The Simple Dollar, and NextAdvisor. She loves helping others learn to manage their finances through smart decision making.

Home Living

92 Projects Completed

Kristy S. watches as many programs on HGTV as she can, and eagerly awaits the day she can move into a mansion on the beach. Until that day, she works writing copy for furniture descriptions. Her biggest project was helping with the launch of a new furniture website that needed descriptions, benefits, and reviews written for every single product. Her second project included writing 400 word articles on a number of home improvement subjects.


52 Projects Completed

Kristy has a knack for distilling complicated medical topics and jargon into language for the everyday reader. She worked as an editor for Haymarket News to create bite-sized summaries of the latest science and medical journals so busy doctors could stay up-to-date without spending hours reading every new article.


35 Projects Completed

Kristy S. spent one year teaching English as a foreign language to students in the Czech Republic. She received her TEFL teaching certificate from an online school, which required 120 hours of committed study. Her writing experience includes writing engaging and informative articles about high school board meetings and high school events for a local news website. She also wrote a series of 400 word articles for an online content site, which involved researching and adapting information for a new audience.


30 Projects Completed

Kristy loves writing content to help others get on the path to a healthier lifestyle. She worked at GNC early on in her career, and today, Kristy writes articles for a number of wellness-minded clients.


29 Projects Completed

Kristy S. has spent extensive time traveling, visiting over 15 countries all over the globe. She spent a year in the Czech Republic as well as a semester abroad in Germany. Using these experiences, she has written a number of informative articles on numerous travel topics meant to educate and inform the reader. She can easily tackle subjects related to tourism, travel tips, international rules/regulations, flying, and more. Additionally, all of her travels were documented in humorous blog posts for entertainment purposes.


27 Projects Completed

Kristy S. started her electronics writing work with a project writing product descriptions. She wrote daily about a number of computer programs, applications, and software for the Windows platform. In addition to this, she crafted several 400 word articles on many different aspects of technology, including the latest software for computers and product comparisons.

Web Development

26 Projects Completed

Kristy has taken numerous classes in web development, so she is knowledgeable of basic languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Professionally, she has used these skills to create content for businesses and software developers.


25 Projects Completed

Kristy is the managing editor for Focus V, an e-rig manufacturer that focuses on cannabis content. In the past, she's also worked with blu and a few other smaller cannabis blogs.


25 Projects Completed

Kristy is currently a writer for Boosted Commerce, a company that buys Amazon FBA businesses. She's also penned articles for a number of high-profile companies that provide e-commerce products and solutions.


18 Projects Completed

Kristy has written technology blogs for a number of e-commerce and computing services businesses. She takes the time to thoroughly research all content so it is accurate and up-to-date.


15 Projects Completed

Kristy has written about numerous apps in the mobile space, including apps for optimizing business. In particular, she often focuses on how apps can improve productivity.


10 Projects Completed

In addition to living a life filled with sports and physical activity, Kristy S. is an avid fitness writer. Previously employed by a major vitamin and supplement retailer, Kristy S. has an inside look on health and nutrition. She has written numerous 400 word informative articles giving readers advice on fitness tips, workout plans, and even healthy diets.


5 Projects Completed

In addition to being a lover of food, Kristy S. has worked on a large project writing recipes for a website. This involved finding and adapting recipes for a new audience and putting a twist on overdone and cliche meals. Kristy S. also worked on a project writing restaurant descriptions for a restaurant comparison website. This project involved researching restaurant cuisine and making the food and dishes served sound delectable.

Blog Post

807 Projects Completed

As a professional writer, Kristy crafts dozens of blog posts for her clients on a daily basis. Because of this, it's one of her primary skills. She can vary her tone depending on the audience, always works with SEO optimization in mind, and can instill a subtle call to action at the end of every piece. Whether it's a scholarly post on various experimental medications for migraines or a fun and light post on how to brew French press coffee, she can handle any topic thrown at her.

Product Description

172 Projects Completed

After working for a number of big name clients, Kristy considers herself a product description writing expert. She always utilizes the feature/benefit structure, in which each feature of a product is related to how it benefits the customer. Her descriptions are engaging, informative, and will inspire the customer to make a purchase.

Facebook Post

102 Projects Completed

Kristy was the social media manager for a local home healthcare company, meaning that she had to plan out, research, and create all content posted on the company Facebook. This type of strategizing meant she had to investigate her current audience and figure out exactly which types of posts they responded to most frequently? The results? A Facebook page which saw an audience increase of 377 percent during her tenure.

Press Release

19 Projects Completed

As the head of content creation for a local home healthcare company, Kristy planned, researched, and created many different press releases for various news-worthy events. She's also worked independently with various clients to organize the production of factual, compelling, and persuasive press releases. Kristy can handle subjects as lighthearted as a new location being opened or as demanding as cell tower leasing.


15 Projects Completed

Kristy has worked with several clients to produce brochure and flier content. She has prepared projects that have been both client- and business-facing. With her experience, she knows how to explain difficult concepts in the least amount of words as possible. Even better, because of her design skills, she can create copy that flows well with graphics and other visuals.


5 Projects Completed

Kristy has helped to prepare PowerPoint presentations for various clients. In these instances, she was given information and then had to distill and recompose important and vital details in the succinct and easy-to-read format that presentations require. If necessary, Kristy can also use her design skills and artistic eye to create presentations that are just as visually stunning as they are educational.

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