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Passionate, collective, and creative, Kristy S. is a professional writer looking to expand her horizons. With an extensive background in creative writing, Kristy S. bring ingenuity and uniqueness to all her projects. Previous work experience writing hundreds of informative articles, journalistic pieces, and marketing copy gives her the qualities and characteristics required to bring clients superior work.


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  • Home Living20+
  • Electronics10+
  • Travel10+
  • Fitness7
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  • Food4

Summary of Industry Experience


As an ice hockey player, Kristy S. is an avid sports fan and tomboy. She has played nearly every sport throughout her life, including softball, soccer, basketball, golf, badminton, karate, racquetball, and track and field. She has written several sports articles for a local area news website which have attracted hundreds of viewers. In addition, Kristy S. has written many 400 word articles about a variety of sport topics, including how to play, venues, and even ticketing.


Kristy S. previously worked for two years as the full-time content manager for a local area home health services provider before making the jump to freelancing. She wrote articles, informative tips and FAQs for the company's website, as well as managed all Facebook and social media posts. In addition, Kristy S. has worked with a variety of other medical clients, including chiropractors, dentists, plastic surgeons, medical doctors, physical therapists, and more. As one of her specialties, Kristy S. has composed numerous blog posts, landing pages, brochures, and even email newsletters in this subject matter. She knows how to properly research and investigate these delicate topics without producing misleading or inaccurate health information.

Home Living

Kristy S. watches as many programs on HGTV as she can, and eagerly awaits the day she can move into a mansion on the beach. Until that day, she works writing copy for furniture descriptions. Her biggest project was helping with the launch of a new furniture website that needed descriptions, benefits, and reviews written for every single product. Her second project included writing 400 word articles on a number of home improvement subjects.


Kristy S. started her electronics writing work with a project writing product descriptions. She wrote daily about a number of computer programs, applications, and software for the Windows platform. In addition to this, she crafted several 400 word articles on many different aspects of technology, including the latest software for computers and product comparisons.


Kristy S. has spent extensive time traveling, visiting over 15 countries all over the globe. She spent a year in the Czech Republic as well as a semester abroad in Germany. Using these experiences, she has written a number of informative articles on numerous travel topics meant to educate and inform the reader. She can easily tackle subjects related to tourism, travel tips, international rules/regulations, flying, and more. Additionally, all of her travels were documented in humorous blog posts for entertainment purposes.


In addition to living a life filled with sports and physical activity, Kristy S. is an avid fitness writer. Previously employed by a major vitamin and supplement retailer, Kristy S. has an inside look on health and nutrition. She has written numerous 400 word informative articles giving readers advice on fitness tips, workout plans, and even healthy diets.


Kristy S. spent one year teaching English as a foreign language to students in the Czech Republic. She received her TEFL teaching certificate from an online school, which required 120 hours of committed study. Her writing experience includes writing engaging and informative articles about high school board meetings and high school events for a local news website. She also wrote a series of 400 word articles for an online content site, which involved researching and adapting information for a new audience.


In addition to being a lover of food, Kristy S. has worked on a large project writing recipes for a website. This involved finding and adapting recipes for a new audience and putting a twist on overdone and cliche meals. Kristy S. also worked on a project writing restaurant descriptions for a restaurant comparison website. This project involved researching restaurant cuisine and making the food and dishes served sound delectable.

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