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Danielle R. is an actor-turned-literati with a background in technical support. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from New York University, and an MA in English from Rutgers University. She is currently a PhD Candidate in Theatre History at Tufts University specializing in Shakespearean performance. As such, she has spent her life writing prose of various types: academic, technical, and entertaining (sometimes all together). Over her years as a lover of language, she has also edited several print volumes and generated content for several websites/blogs. She enjoys writing quirky prose that keeps readers reading.
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theatre, history, education, crafting, fitness, diet, women's issues, technology, blogging, wedding, shopping, product descriptions, cooking, food, baking


Danielle is a professional actor, stage combatant/fight director, and dramaturge. She has also been a professional ballroom dancer, lifeguard, and helpdesk technician. In her spare time, she enjoys crafting including knitting, embroidery, crochet, and sewing. She is also a long-distance runner and fitness buff. She also enjoys cooking and is always on the lookout for new healthy recipes as well as decadent treats to bake. She firmly believes that her wide array of hobbies and talents make her a true "Renaissance Woman".


New York University

BA with a major in Shakespeare Studies and a minor in Computer Science

Rutgers University

MA in English

Tufts University

PhD in progress with a specialty in Shakespeare


432 Projects Completed

A lifetime actor, part-time dramaturge, and full-time theatre person, Danielle is extremely well versed in the entertainment industry (especially theatre). As a Boston theatre professional, she has an eye on many aspects of the theatre scene both onstage and off. She is currently getting a PhD in Shakespearean performance so she also has a great deal of knowledge about theatre history.


404 Projects Completed

Dressing, accessorizing, and making people look their best is something that Danielle excels at. Combine this with her passion for writing, and you have the perfect literati fashionista. She adores both classic and edgy looks and loves to research new material for her fashion pinterest board.


397 Projects Completed

An avid knitter/crocheter/general yarn junkie, Danielle enjoys writing about these hobbies as well as other crafting. She also loves sharing her experiences in fabricating new projects and or patters, or her experiences in re-creating other projects.


395 Projects Completed

As an educator and an avid participant in the higher education system, Danielle knows its ins and outs well. She spends a great deal of time blogging about higher education, teaching, learning, and relating to her students/colleagues/mentors. She is particularly well versed in humanities education as well as the process of tutoring.


352 Projects Completed

Danielle enjoys beauty products and loves to write about using them, purchasing them, or reviewing them. She has a very good knowledge of beauty products and procedures from basic to sophisticated, and enjoys sharing this knowledge with others.


350 Projects Completed

Danielle is an avid shopper with a great deal of experience both online shopping and in-store shopping. She loves circulating information about great products, as well as deals on great products.


230 Projects Completed

Danielle has a great deal of familiarity with the dating scene (including online dating) and loves to discuss her experiences. She also has strong inter-personal skills, and relationship counseling is not foreign to her. She enjoys exploring relationship issues from a woman's perspective without delving too far into the rabbit hole of feminism.


229 Projects Completed

As a health and fitness-minded individual, Danielle enjoys sharing her love of healthy living with others. She generates content with an eye towards sustainable daily activities, and an understanding of how healthfulness can be incorporated into "normal" life.


214 Projects Completed

Danielle writes about a variety of topics and would be more than excited to take on "out of the box" projects. She enjoys using her creativity to explore content in a functional, compelling way. Whether the project falls into a combination of categories, or simply just a little too off-beat to be described, Danielle would be thrilled to discuss any kind of new possibilities.


202 Projects Completed

Danielle loves the great outdoors! An avid runner, she enjoys camping and hiking and has many great tips for making these activities even more fun no matter the season. Outdoor people love adventure, and she believes that recreation content should encapsulate that adventure with thrilling, active prose!


186 Projects Completed

As a woman in a male-dominated field, Danielle enjoys writing copy and stories about and for other women dealing with women's issues. She feels that her stance as a "moderate feminist" allows her to have an opinion about these issues without being so radical that these opinions cannot be articulated.


168 Projects Completed

Danielle is a tech guru and loves to discuss social media. She's particularly skilled at explicating the intricacies of technology for the less-than-technoarti, and loves getting new people invested in tech. She manages several websites and social media feeds for organizations large and small, and blogs in her spare time. In addition to her personal know-how, she has a degree in computer science and a background in java programing.

Home Living

164 Projects Completed

Danielle loves making a house a home; there's nothing quite like the comfort and convenience of a well-organized, craftily handled nook of your own! Be it house, apartment, or condo, she believes that your home is your solace from the outside world. Having had experience living in smaller-than-optimal spaces, she loves to write about how better to organize creatively with an eye towards aesthetics, as well as how better to live in comfort and style without breaking the bank!


162 Projects Completed

Writing for and about kids can be all kinds of fun; Danielle enjoys crafting content about families that is appropriate, friendly, and informative. Parents always want to ensure that they are doing their best for their children and content written for them should be clear and helpful without being judgmental or abrupt.


160 Projects Completed

Danielle has a passion for cooking, good food, and ensuring that others enjoy good food. She loves discovering and sharing recipes, researching and writing about the history of food, and expanding her culinary palate (both intellectual and in the kitchen).


159 Projects Completed

Danielle enjoys gardening and keeping houseplants. She once considered herself to have a "brown thumb" but a great deal of research and careful experimentation have given her the experience she needs to care for her floral friends. She has a passion for helping others to find the joy in gardening, especially those who (like her) were once afraid of killing helpless plant life.


155 Projects Completed

Danielle is a gym bunny with an interest in fitness, workouts, and the best ways to get your sweat on. She enjoys teaching others about these things because she believes that a great workout can really change your outlook on life, yourself, and your world. She particularly loves writing workout content for beginners; how-to guides which can inspire others to make a positive change in their lives!


151 Projects Completed

Danielle has a great deal of experience with diet, weight loss, and nutrition. She enjoys sharing this knowledge with others and helping them craft their own healthy habits. Proper nutrition is a practice that requires diligence and patience to learn, and a good source of information can mean the difference between eating healthy and not. If you are what you eat, then you need to go the extra mile to make certain that's the best you you can be.


150 Projects Completed

The best part about having a hobby that you are enthusiastic about is sharing that enthusiasm! Danielle understands that hobby content needs to be engaging and informative; be the hobby painting, DIY, Crafts, Remodeling, or anything in between!


150 Projects Completed

Danielle is an avid gardener and has experience with both indoor and outdoor plants. She enjoys teaching people about the benefits of gardening, the fundamentals of plant care, and how a little bit of earth can change their lives for the better. Since she previously believed that she was cursed with a "brown thumb", she has first-hand experience with the hesitancy and fear that one can experience when starting out and loves to provide information to help others work through that fear.


105 Projects Completed

Danielle is a career-minded woman who knows how to engage an audience. She has extensive experience in networking strategies, presentation preparation, and personal interviews. She loves to use her expertise in educate others and help them navigate the treacherous waters of the job market, career paths, and corporate life.

Blog Post

630 Projects Completed

Danielle is a frequent blogger and, in addition to managing her own blog, has also guest blogged at various other websites. She enjoys the blog form as it allows for lively prose in a fast-changing environment and believes that blogs should be memorable without being tedious.

Product Description

381 Projects Completed

Danielle enjoys creating product descriptions which lift off the page and add a personal twist to the bare facts. She also loves shopping (and online shopping is one of her favorites), so she has a lot of experience dealing with these pieces of writing from a consumer and a creator perspective.


272 Projects Completed

As an experienced theatre reviewer/crafter of academic articles, Danielle has spent years developing the skills necessary to convey information in compact yet sustained bits of writing.

Facebook Post

179 Projects Completed

Danielle maintains several Facebook pages (both personal pages and organizational pages) and, as such, has a great deal of experience with the platform. She loves conveying information in bite-sized, dynamic morsels with a great deal of interactivity (via links, open questions, etc.)

Web Page

174 Projects Completed

Danielle has crafted and managed many webpages for many different organizations over the years. She enjoys creating engaging, timeless content for web consumption that can really showcase the heart of a product or organization.

Twitter Post

150 Projects Completed

Danielle manages several industry twitter feeds as well as her own and is quite comfortable in the 150-character micro-blog platform. She enjoys the challenge crafting pithy bite-sized posts and packing them with as much information as possible.

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