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Kayla B. earned a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Boston University, where she also minored in American History and studied pre-law. In her time at Boston University, Kayla wrote many research papers on a variety of topics, from the physical effects of mental illness on the brain to Civil War marching songs. She also completed many scientific research papers in her psychology studies, including drafting a formal research paper on the effects of media advertising on the body image and self-esteem of college students. Kayla also prepared various written legal arguments during her academic studies.

Outside of academics, Kayla interned at Bad Habit Productions, a theatre company, where she completed a dramaturgy packet for a professional performance. This packet included research on the historical, social, and political background of the play's setting, which helped the actors develop their characters and helped the director prepare for the performance. She also interned at The Women's Center, where she wrote various announcements and flyers for the Center.

For two years, Kayla worked for a mobile technology market research firm, where she drafted client correspondence on a daily basis and assisted with creating content for formal presentations and white papers. Kayla has also written a formal report for the company regarding the mobile tablet industry.

Kayla now works for a STEM education company in the marketing department. Her daily work includes drafting blog posts and press kits as well as preparing outreach materials, social media strategy, and other marketing materials.

In her free time, Kayla contributes to a fashion blog run by a small group of young women. The aim of this blog is to help people dress appropriately for certain occasions (such as weddings or job interviews) as well as develop a personal style. Kayla was recently given the title of "Valued Advice Giver" on the blog.


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Kayla is interested in the beauty industry and has spent the last few years trying and reviewing various popular beauty products. She takes pride in writing in-depth product reviews online. She also worked for a cosmetics company in the past and has experience communicating the benefits of various beauty products to potential clients via product presentations.


Kayla is part of an online fashion group that aims to help women dress appropriately in certain situations (such as at weddings or job interviews) and helps women find their own sense of style. Kayla was recently awarded the title of "Valued Advice Giver" by the moderators of the group.


Kayla has developed an immense interest in food, for she was taught to cook by her traditional Italian grandmother at a young age. Kayla is always on the hunt for new recipes and enjoys reviewing them in the interest of bringing more healthy meals into the limelight. She also enjoys trying new restaurants and food shops and has reviewed them in online forums and her blog.


Kayla has always had at least one cat in her life and feels very passionately about animal welfare. Kayla volunteered with the MSPCA and helped care for the cats that were up for adoption, which included drafting cat care instructions for newer volunteers and writing up descriptions for the cats that would make them sound most appealing and increase their chances at adoption.


Kayla has an interest in women's issues after interning at a center for women, many of whom were domestic abuse victims. After her internship, Kayla contributed to an academic research paper about the effects of domestic violence on the psychological well being of victims. Kayla has also written various research papers about women's roles in a variety of influential events in American history. She is currently active in an online community forum that discusses women's issues.


Kayla has been in a long term relationship for almost ten years and is often asked for advice regarding relationship issues. She is active in an online forum that aims to provide unbiased outside perspectives on a variety of relationship issues. Kayla enjoys applying social psychology concepts she studied in college to relationship problems in order to find a workable solution for both parties.

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Kayla has prepared many presentations for clients of a mobile technology market research firm as well as many presentations over her academic career. Her most successful presentations include a presentation on tort law for a Nevada Supreme Court Justice and a presentation on emerging wireless technologies for a government agency.

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