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Lauren is a recent graduate from North Carolina State University looking for an opportunity to put her writing skills to good use. While working towards her bachelor's degree in Wildlife Conservation Biology, Lauren was required to write numerous essays, grants, and articles on a wide variety of topics. She loves writing and conducting research, and is always up for a challenge, especially if it involves learning something new. Her areas of expertise include writing on topics such as biology, zoology, geology, technology, and other science-related fields. Lauren loves sharing her hobbies with others through her writing as well, and is knowledgeable on a wide variety of popular activities like photography, graphic design, video games, computer programming, web design, travelling, and gardening. In her spare time, Lauren enjoys writing fictional short stories which she self-publishes. Her professional experience with writing includes creating blog articles on a variety of topics, composing research grants, writing technical essays (and adapting these to a general audience), compiling how-to guides and tutorials, and creating engaging works of fiction. Her strong work ethic, positive attitude, and attention to detail are the key components behind her success. She has consistently demonstrated her ability to work on a tight deadline, and is always prompt and polite in her correspondence with clients. Lauren believes her skills will enable her to write content that thoroughly captivates her target audience and leaves them wanting more, and hopes to have the opportunity to share her talents with future employers.


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Industry Projects

  • Science10+
  • Agriculture10+
  • Bio/Pharm5
  • Medical5
  • Legal4
  • Politics3

Summary of Industry Experience


Lauren has written numerous articles and essays on a variety of topics in various fields of science. Her expertise lies in the fields of biology, zoology, geology, and technology. She has written both technical essays and general audience pieces, and is skilled at writing for specific target audiences. Lauren is always up to date on the latest news in these fields of science, and enjoys reading research journals in her spare time to expand her knowledge of science.


Lauren has written numerous blog articles on the agriculture industry. She has completed pieces on sustainable farming, pest control, silviculture methods, forestry practices, land management, and restoration ecology. Her knowledge and research skills in this field allow her to write engaging and factual articles on a variety of agricultural topics.


Lauren has written several pieces in the bio/pharm field. She is proficient at writing both technical scientific articles, as well as pieces aimed at the general public. She has the most experience in the field of genetics, but her research skills and laboratory background enable her to write engaging and factual articles on a variety of topics.


Lauren has written on a variety of medical topics, from genetic disorders to infectious diseases. She is proficient in writing both scientific articles, as well as blog articles aimed at the general public. Her background in biology has given her the research skills needed to write compelling and factual articles on many subjects in the medical field.


Lauren has extensive knowledge of laws involving wildlife and animals, and has written several general audience pieces on these topics. She is familiar with legal terms and procedures, and her writing demonstrates this knowledge.


Lauren has written pieces on a variety of political topics. She is an avid news reader and always tries to stay up to date with both national and international politics. She has most experience writing about climate change and environmental politics, but her research skills and broad interests enable her to write on a wide variety of topics.

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