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Angela H. is a freelance writer with over 10 years of experience. In the past decade, she has written thousands of articles for clients all over the world. Topics on which she has written are incredibly diverse and span areas including science, technology, fashion and beauty, home and garden, food and wine, travel and tourism, entertainment, relationships, parenting, medicine, product reviews, up-to-the-minute world news and more. She is a highly skilled researcher who creates custom content to suit the needs of her clients. In addition, she is highly experienced with search engine optimization (SEO.) Currently pursuing her Associates Degree in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix, Angela strives to produce only the finest quality content that is information-packed and compelling in her own unique voice.


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Industry Projects

  • Beauty50+
  • Fashion20+
  • Food20+
  • Consumer Goods20+
  • Science20+
  • Career10+
  • Health8
  • Pets6
  • Entertainment6
  • Relationships4

Summary of Industry Experience


Angela H. has written informative and engaging articles on hair care, nail care, cosmetics, beauty trends, fashion and skincare. She genuinely enjoys what she writes and this shines through in her work.


Angela H. has written on many topics in the fashion industry including top trends and profiles of haute couture from leading fashion houses from around the world.


Angela H. has written on a wide variety of food topics. Her work includes articles on new trends in the food industry, noteworthy restaurant profiles, engaging news stories on food-related topics, beer and wine, and many more.

Consumer Goods

Angela H. is experienced in writing reviews and profiles of consumer goods. The items she has written about in the past include but are not limited to beauty products, ice cream makers, tobacco vaporizers, haute couture apparel and more.


Angela H. has a number of science-related articles under her belt, which span topics including but not limited to physics, biology, medicine and many others.


Angela H. has written on a diverse range of career topics including horticulture, fashion and tattoo artistry. Her articles on career topics help guide and educate readers on the careers in which they are interested.


The articles Angela H. has written in the field of health include but are not limited to breaking health news, medicine, personal wellness and many others.


Angela H. is an avid animal lover and has written about pets and pet-related topics for her clients. You can count on her to provide informative and entertaining articles about all kinds of pets, including but not limited to dogs, cats, fish, horses and exotic animals.


Angela H. has written a variety of entertainment articles focused on noteworthy entertainers. In addition to keeping up with the latest celebrity gossip, Angela also stays informed of the latest trends and releases in music, movies and games.


Angela H. has written a variety of articles on relationships, including relationship psychology, marriage, dating, compatibility and more.

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