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Stephen's background stems from a career in the publishing industry, first as a graphic designer, then as an art director, thereafter as an editor/production manager. Currently, Stephen is a digital content manager. Stephen attended the university and studied criminology, English and psychology. It was during the higher educational pursuit that Stephen discovered his love for writing and, conversely, immersed himself in creative compositions, current events, and human interest stories.

Overcoming recurrent cancer, Stephen joined the law enforcement profession. This public service endeavor afforded him a significant amount of life experience and maturation from which abundant stories evolved.

Retired from law enforcement (pursuant to bone cancer resulting in limb amputation), Stephen delved deeply into his writing career and maintains this segment of his life as a freelance writer.

As a father of a 19-year-old daughter with autism (non-verbal, self-injurious), Stephen has been enveloped by the dynamics of this complex disorder and writes about his personal journey with his child as his embraced beacon.

Embedded within his writing style are evident emotional aspects such as empathy, sympathy, and compassion. Given his flair for human interest story development, Stephen has become a staple producer of hero- and heroine-based content, their attributes, personalities, character traits, and perpetuation of selflessly performed good deeds.

Given his practices and fondness of writing content for online platforms, Stephen has evolved as a proficient practitioner of SEO dynamics and utilization. Writing for several information-sharing platforms, Stephen attended virtual tutorials in SEO, AP- and Chicago-style writing formats and guides.

Additionally, Stephen ascribes to philosophies pertaining to content production based on "trending" materials, thereby optimally positioning his clients' materials.

Stephen's general philosophy is centered in ethics, is focused on fact-based content, and is authentically impassioned in many topics.

His interviewing skills as a policeman bolster Stephen's frameworks for researching, gathering, and writing bona fide material.

Portioned with his background as a graphic designer, art director, editor, proofreader, law enforcement officer, writer and father, Stephen pieces together each product empirically, unless otherwise stipulated by his clientele.

With a conglomerate of articles centered in law enforcement, autism, cancer, family, and the human experience, Stephen prides himself--his body of work--on direct connections to material stemming from real-life circumstances, whether personally or vicariously.

However, Stephen is also well-versed in fiction-based sagas and tribulations.

As a five-time survivor of cancer, Stephen exudes an even higher appreciation for life, as can be readily discerned from the flavor and tone of his storytelling.

Adaptable and amenable in nature, Stephen often expands his knowledge base by assuming challenges untested, untried, and unclaimed.

After all, writing is a mutual exchange between information-gathering and content production, a combination and duality Stephen adheres to quite well.
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