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Aimee earned her Bachelor's Degree in English with a focus on Technical and Professional writing at the University of South Florida in Tampa. Since graduating Aimee has utilized her skills in a variety of roles, including grant writing, content for websites, and writing and editing donor newsletters for a major hospital system. For the past three years, Aimee has been honing her skills as a survey writer and editor. Aimee hopes to inform and entertain readers as a professional writer.
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Entertainment and reviews, fashion, jewelry, beauty trends and advice, business and professional writing, editorial and opinion pieces. Nutrition, Health and Fitness


Aimee enjoys watching television and movies, attending concerts, reading, coloring, sewing and scrapbooking. Aimee is also proud to be a health and fitness coach on the side and When she isn't working, Aimee enjoys spending time with her two children, her two English Bulldogs, her Blue Quaker Parrot and her bearded dragon.


University of South Florida

Aimee earned her Bachelor's degree in Technical Writing from the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. During her time at USF Aimee studied a variety of writing styles; including business and professional, journalistic, editorial and creative.


165 Projects Completed

Whether its compiling lists from multiple sources or producing original content, Aimee has the skills needed to provide a stellar product.


107 Projects Completed

Aimee excels writing pieces about the entertainment industry. A lifelong fascination with show business enables Aimee to write everything from gossip to reviews and recaps about celebrities, television shows, movies, music, and the industry as a whole.


50 Projects Completed

During Aimee's career she has drafted a variety of office communications, including acknowledgement and thank you letters, business plans, strategic planning documents, minutes from board of directors meetings, fundraising materials, event programs and scripts, and brochure content.


44 Projects Completed

With two children of her own, Aimee is able to offer insight to the challenges of raising kids while working full time, as well as finding an entertaining spin on raising tweens and teens.


40 Projects Completed

Aimee enjoys traveling and often writes about places and experiences at her favorite destinations. Originally from New Jersey, Aimee has traveled across the U.S. including to Maui, Hawaii. Aimee has also traveled to the Bahamas and St. Lucia. Aimee hopes to visit Ireland and Italy and write about her travels there.

Non Profit

26 Projects Completed

Aimee worked in the non-profit industry for over ten years, where she served in a variety of roles and capacities. Grant writing, donor newsletters, fundraising solicitations, and web content were some of Aimee's specialties.


14 Projects Completed

During Aimee's time working in non-profit organizations, she often wrote and assisted clients with composing and improving resumes.


5 Projects Completed

Aimee has been writing about a variety of relationships for years, Aimee explores the dynamics of relationships between parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, siblings, and friends.


169 Projects Completed

Aimee has written about a wide variety of subjects. From time management and organization tips to entertainment editorials and reviews, Aimee uses her research skills and areas of expertise to provide quality pieces designed for each client and topic.

Blog Post

168 Projects Completed

Aimee has written blog posts on topics ranging from entertainment and celebrities, to family dynamics and travel.


7 Projects Completed

Aimee wrote scripts for advertisements and announcements while working for a community television station.

Facebook Post

4 Projects Completed

Aimee has written facebook posts for local businesses advertising upcoming sales and promotions and making announcements.

Twitter Post

1 Projects Completed

Aimee mainly writes twitter posts relating to entertainment/celebrity related materials. Aimee also follows not-for-profit organizations and environmental agencies and provides commentary.

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