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Lacy has been an avid gamer since child-hood. She fell in love with video games the very moment she received a lime green Nintendo 64, and along with it a game that would forever change her life - “Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The moment she played that game, she was hooked and despite going to college, raising children, and making sandwiches for her husband, Lacy still manages to find some quality time on her x-box 360, or PC playing her beloved games such as Bioshock (pick any in the franchise), Skyrim, Fallout (3, & New Vegas), Borderlands, Left 4 Dead 1 &2, the Mass Effect Series, Fable, etc. I mean literally the list could go on, her gamer score is over 15,000.


They say you should write about what you know, so as a wife and mother of two, Lacy’s main blog is based around kids and family. Using her special brand of humor Lacy attempts to lighten the stresses and fears that come along with raising a family of three (including her husband that is), while also reaching out to other wives and mothers. Her unique parenting style, places an emphasis on love, nurturing, and handling the more dysfunctional moments with humor, because sometimes laughter really is the best medicine.


Lacy, does not have any paid experience writing articles on women – but on her main blog she also tackles a great deal of subjects regarding women. From topics like feminism, to self-esteem, to equality in the work place – Lacy tries to empower other women through her writing – encouraging them to teach themselves and their daughters’ one of the most valuable lessons a woman can learn: self-worth.


While Lacy doesn’t have any experience being paid to write articles on Marketing, she is always writing articles on marketing, because she chose to get her Associate’s Degree in that field. With less than a year to go, Lacy has already gained a firm grasp on the concepts and principles of marketing.

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