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Sydney K
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Joined 4/19/2023
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Based on Sydney's experience as a staff writer at a local magazine, she had the opportunity to craft articles that highlighted various happenings within the Jewish community in the area. Sydney found it incredibly fulfilling to be able to showcase the unique stories of local Jewish individuals, particularly young people who were making a positive impact in their community.

In addition to her work at the magazine, Sydney also gained valuable experience while working with the University of Maryland Faculty Physicians. In this role, she was responsible for drafting copy for a range of marketing materials, including social media posts, email campaigns, billboards, print ads, and articles. Through this work, Sydney developed the skills to create engaging and impactful content that effectively communicated key messages to different audiences.

Overall, Sydney's experience as a staff writer allowed her to hone her writing skills and develop the ability to effectively communicate with different audiences. Her work highlighted the Jewish community in her area and contributed to the success of the University of Maryland Faculty Physicians' marketing efforts.
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