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Erin specializes in the business side of small business — accounting, finance, and law — along with personal finance issues that impact small business owners such as credit cards and insurance. His clients include accounting firms, law firms, banks, tech companies, and marketing agencies who seek to help their small business clients grow or solve problems.

He has been working in this space for over 5 years and holds a BSBA in Finance, Masters in Accounting, and JD. He uses his subject matter expertise and experience advising clients to provide tips and insights beyond what's already online. His goal is to provide premium content that positions you as the go-to expert so that you can separate yourself from the pack in this crowded space and get a positive return on your content marketing investment.

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University of Florida

Fordham University School of Law

Florida Atlantic University


324 Projects Completed

Erin relies on his experience advising clients on various legal matters to present legal topics in easy to understand plain English. He has created content for numerous attorney websites including attorney bios, practice area descriptions, blog posts, and articles. He has also had several annotations published in American Law Reports on topics including bankruptcy, immigration, service of process, patent infringement, and the Invention Secrecy Act. EF's previous legal work experience includes white collar criminal prosecution and defense, consumer debt litigation, and tax litigation.


96 Projects Completed

Erin has an in-depth understanding of the need for insurance and the insurance claims process through his legal training in personal injury law and liability claims. He has combined this knowledge with his SEO experience to produce articles, blogs, and websites for numerous insurance companies. He has written on topics including auto insurance, homeowners insurance, personal liability insurance, and business insurance policies. His tax knowledge has also allowed him to assist clients with content covering health insurance, the Affordable Healthcare Act, and insurance subsidies.


95 Projects Completed

Erin has written articles for numerous plumbers, HVAC contractors, and other home service providers. He regularly covers topics related to utilities including how to save on energy or water costs and how utility bills are calculated.

Real Estate

88 Projects Completed

Erin has written numerous blogs and articles for real estate agents, property managers, and apartment complexes. He specializes in mortgages, credit scores, budgeting, landlord-tenant laws, and local city guides.


76 Projects Completed

Erin is an Enrolled Agent with experience in tax resolution who writes blogs and website content for accounting firms throughout the country. He specializes in individual and small business tax filing, planning, and resolution.


69 Projects Completed

Erin relies on his experience advising clients on consumer debt matters to present personal finance topics in easy to understand plain English. He specializes in budgeting, bankruptcy, credit scores and credit cards, and getting out of debt.


60 Projects Completed

Erin has helped grow small businesses and startups in several industries. His business and legal education give him a thorough understanding of accounting, obtaining financing, marketing, business law, and business strategy. He works with B2C comapnies looking to attract new customers or increase their conversion rates as well as B2B companies seeking to demonstrate how they add value to business owners.


54 Projects Completed

Erin helps firms and small businesses use cloud technology and provides subject matter expertise for tech companies targeting the accounting, legal, and financial industries.


52 Projects Completed

Erin writes blogs and articles for banks and credit unions throughout the country. His specialties include consumer banking, small business banking, lending and credit, and merchant payment processing.


51 Projects Completed

Erin has created content for dozens of websites in the HVAC industry as well as for dealers of other appliances such as TVs. His work includes short blog posts, product buying guides, in-depth articles, about pages, city guides, and full websites. Clients have ranged from mom and pop shops in small towns to national dealers.

Web Development

51 Projects Completed

Erin helps accounting firms, law firms, and other professional service providers build their online presence using WordPress and other content management systems. He works with both DIYers and web design companies.

Search Marketing

50 Projects Completed

Erin has extensive SEO experience with ecommerce and service provider websites. His experience providing advice to end users allows him to create clear, easy-to-read blog posts and webpages explaining why your clients need you and how you'll help them.

Blog Post

312 Projects Completed

Erin understands the value of engaging, easy-to-read blog posts in driving new visitors to your site and converting them into paying customers. He has created locally tailored blog posts across many industries. These blog topics have included recent news stories, how-to guides, how to choose a _______, the benefits of specific services, and more.

Web Page

256 Projects Completed

Erin routinely creates engaging, easy-to-read web page content for law firms, HVAC companies, and other small businesses. He specializes in both full websites and individual pages including detailed service pages, professional profiles, about us pages, contact pages, neighborhood guides, and more.


125 Projects Completed

Erin understands the value of engaging, easy to read articles that attract visitors to your website, establish you as an expert, and drive new leads for your business. He has worked with clients across all industries to create everything from basic list articles to detailed product and service guides.

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