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Ashley H
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Chicago, IL
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Ashley has six years of full-time experience as a writer and digital marketing manager, plus a BA in Psychology from Princeton University.

She works with companies of all sizes to create content that is fun and informative. During content creation, she focuses on providing value to readers in a few key ways:

1. Show, Don't Tell. Details keep the reader on the page and build trust.
2. Extrapolate. She likes to explore connections between unusual topics or take a leap to bring new ideas to the table.
3. Play with emotion. What makes the content memorable? Ashley looks for ways to inspire, educate, entertain, and motivate the reader, even while writing about dental insurance.
4. Keep it functional. A title creates a promise to readers, and Ashley knows that solving the reader's core problem and fulfilling the title's promise is the end goal.

Ashley is happy to apply her writing expertise to a wide range of topics.
Self Help


She specializes in writing technical content in a light and informative way.


UX design, frontend web development, travel, real estate, architecture, design, personal finance, health and wellness, business psychology


Princeton University

Studied psychology with a heavy focus on social psychology and research.


35 Projects Completed

Ashley writes a travel blog, has written more than 500 travel-related articles, and has experience living abroad and traveling to 40+ countries.


3 Projects Completed

Ashley writes about a variety of medical topics and can do in-depth technical research. She is comfortable writing for B2B audiences and a more general audience.

Self Help

1 Projects Completed

Ashley has a BA in Psychology and is fascinated by related topics. Since she also has teaching experience, she excels at presenting self-help information in a useful way.


0 Projects Completed

Ashley has written thousands of blog articles over the past 6 years as a writer. She writes about technology, travel, real estate, home improvement, and more.

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