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Hal W has been a writer of fiction projects, blog posts, articles and bits of web content for over a decade. His interest in writing began in 10th grade and led to his enrollment in a writing undergrad program at Western Michigan University. Since graduation, he has worked as a ghostwriter for numerous online companies, producing over 1000 pieces of content for the web in the last year alone. His education prepared him for a life of freelance writing, and he has been putting it to good use.

Hal has a broad knowledge of numerous subjects. He is particularly experienced in writing about SEO, Internet Marketing and business web design. He is interested in gaming-related projects and finds the current console war to be a fascinating and lucrative subject. He is always willing to research a new subject to write about. He has produced articles on subjects as varied and interesting as dermatology, nutrition, programming, SEO, product reviews and bonsai care. He always strives for a high level of quality and character with his writing, no matter the subject.

The broad variety of subjects Hal is able to write about cannot be overstated. Everything is fair game when he turns his research skills to the task. He goes beyond the simple wiki research and deep into authoritative sources, making sure he is absolutely certain he knows what he's talking about before he submits a polished, well-written piece of content.

Today, Hal is a ghostwriter for several websites catering to a wide range of clients. He is always looking for fresh opportunities and new subjects to learn. He looks forward to finding new clients and writing fresh, compelling content.
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Hal is capable of writing in any style, but he specializes in blog posts and articles for web publication. When the chance arises, he enjoys writing fiction as well. He often writes product guides and news articles for the web as well.


Hal is a writer and a gamer. He is never happier than when he is writing about gaming or working on a writing project. He is keenly interested in the developing gaming industry and frequently writes reviews for new releases. He is also fascinated with web writing. Following the evolving conventions of SEO is very interesting to him, and he enjoys putting those techniques into practice.

Hal's hobbies include various traditional and video games, as well as creative writing. When he isn't behind a computer screen, he can often be found biking the local trails or heading out for nature walks.


Western Michigan University

Hal attended Western Michigan University and completed his degree in creative writing. During that time, he devoured classes based in all forms of writing, from creative nonfiction to essays to web writing. Today he puts his skills to use online while working on his own creative projects.

Mott Community College

Community college taught Hal quite a bit about how college works and about life. It was there that he met a professor who has become a lifelong friend, got his start in published web writing through a pop culture blog and paved his way to success in later University studies. He was on the dean's list for three out of four semesters and graduated with honors.

Search Marketing

250 Projects Completed

Hal is deeply knowledgeable about modern SEO and Internet Marketing techniques. He has to be, for the majority of his writing is geared for an Internet Marketing purpose. He knows how to write for the web, and he knows the ins and outs of Google's search updates. He knows how SEO worked in the past and how it changes with the ongoing Panda and Penguin updates.


51 Projects Completed

Hal's passion in life is gaming. He loves games, both tabletop and digital. More importantly, he has experience in the gaming industry as more than a mere consumer. He has contributed to regular gaming publications online, written and run his own role-playing game and regularly writes reviews and guides for new releases. As a creative writer, his goal is to work in game design, and he immerses himself in the industry to better understand every facet of it.


25 Projects Completed

Hal is a frequent contributor to various blogs and websites in the auto industry. He writes about all aspects of the industry, from car buying to fuel economy. Many members of his family have worked for General Motors, giving him extensive resources throughout his life for vehicle information. He has a passion for alternative fuels, and this is reflected in the quality of his writing about hybrids and electric cars.


10 Projects Completed

Hal has been contracted on a small scale to write several basic product guides. These guides cover subjects such as rice cookers, microwaves, freezers and security cameras. Each guide is carefully researched to provide a general overview of the product, what features it includes at low and high ends and what price ranges a consumer might expect. While he has not written many of these guides, each client is very pleased and routinely asks for more.


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