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Steve graduated strongly from Lancaster University Management School in the U.K. An impassioned writer for many years, he started his own music blog in 2008 and has been enthusiastically creating alluring online content ever since. From music and entertainment to business and marketing articles, including those covering the worlds of finance, technology, and much more, Steve has a flair for finding just the right angle to linger long in the mind of readers. Thorough, timely, and with a strong attention to detail, he is dedicated to delivering articles that attract and engage.


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Steve has consulted on new media marketing projects for over five years, in addition to a wealth of practical and academic marketing experience prior to this role. He reads widely on the subject and contributes to a variety of related sites, from agency blogs to artist marketing resources.


Steve is an avid observer of the entertainment industry, particularly music but also film, television, and creative media. He has contributed guest posts to a variety of general interest sites and recently began working on paid projects for private client content.


Steve maintained his own music review site for four years before refocusing his writing to music marketing in 2011. As such, he has a wealth of experience and ability to write critical or news articles from both a fan and industry perspective. Residing in the creative hub of Brooklyn has honed his experience still further, with a wider appreciation for genres and listener tastes.


As a devoted parent to a feisty feline and precocious pooch, Steve keeps up with the latest and greatest pet news, from health matters to behavioral tips and tricks. He writes and curates light-hearted content for a veterinary practice and is well versed in the general health requirements of the modern furry family.

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