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After 20 years of working in the trenches of trial practice, bankruptcy, and family law, I decided it was time for a career change. As both a former attorney and a consumer of legal services, legal marketing became my natural match.

I see myself as a bridge between attorneys and their potential clients. A law firm website services two purposes: 1) Display Expertise, and 2) Offer reassurance and empathy. When an attorney can get these points across, they are more likely to convince potential clients to call their office.

As an attorney, I had to explain complex legal concepts to laypeople. Now, I use that skill to produce engaging blog articles and streamline web content. I also ghost-write longer pieces for attorneys who desire the exposure of being published on national platforms but do not have the time to produce this content on their own.

I assist attorneys both through Writer Access and independently. Currently, I manage the blog and website for a family law attorney and do the same for an employment law practitioner. I am also a major producer for a website regarding software licensing topics. While I feel comfortable with most legal areas, most of my work is performed for attorneys practicing personal injury, family, bankruptcy, employment, and small business law.

My ability to grasp and explain legal topics transfers to other industries. While working for Writer Access, I produce content for car dealerships, real estate firms, and technology review sites.
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Her specialties include blog posts, website content, long articles, white papers or guides, and ghostwriting.


Horses, animal rescue, paranormal research, local history, and board games.


Carroll College

Graduated magna cum laude with a double degree. I also competed in speech and debate and managed this even while being gone most weekends for competitions.

Lewis and Clark Law School

Attended law school in Portland, Oregon. Received my degree, passed the bar, and later...practice law.


419 Projects Completed

With 20 years of experience in the legal industry, she offers unique insight not present with general writers. She understands what reassures clients and how attorneys can best reach them. This is especially true in legal areas that assist people who are vulnerable including employment discrimination, personal injury, family law, and workers' compensation.


12 Projects Completed

Fascinated with technological development most of her life, Jocelyn is both self-taught and well-read. Taking these skills to ghost writing was not difficult as Jocelyn produces product descriptions, reviews, and how-to guides. After knowing many "technophobes," Jocelyn likes to present technology in a friendly light as a streamlining tool for business, security and consumer functions.


5 Projects Completed

With seven years experience in animal rescue, Jocelyn has seen the best and worst in animal care. She produces press releases and promotional copy for dog parks and dog care providers and in addition, has published articles regarding feline care. Recently, she sold licensing rights to an article on using horse blankets and continues to submit articles for publication on many topics regarding horse care.

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356 Projects Completed

Her web page content is primarily performed for law offices. Legal marketing is her specialty since she has real experience practicing law and knows how to help others relate to their potential clients better.

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219 Projects Completed

Her primary writing service is providing updated blog posts for attorneys. Her most recent attorney client through Writer Access consistently rates her work "Exceeds Expectations."


85 Projects Completed

Another area where she exceeds expectations is writing articles. She is published online and ghostwrites for attorneys wishing for national exposure but lacks the time to produce the content.

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