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After earning her Juris Doctor and working in the legal industry as a high-end litigation paralegal for 20 years, Jocelyn decided to change her career. After years of wanting to be a writer, she discovered web copywriting and after making a successful start, decided to keep pursuing that direction. She currently produces items of a commercial nature including promotional and informative blog articles, press releases, and marketing copy. Her writing benefits many industries including law, manufacturing, marketing, agriculture, and animal care. She has also performed technical writing in the form of product descriptions for software and other technological products. While she completes most work as a ghost writer, she currently has three credited articles published online and recently sold licensing rights to a fourth.

The legal industry prepared Jocelyn well for this line of work by helping her hone very strong research and writing skills. After changing her writing style from an approach where she wrote for judges to one that targets primarily consumers Jocelyn started producing engaging web copy that is rated highly by her clients. Jocelyn finds it easy to research and learn about new industries and target that research to the intended audience from average consumers to software engineers and other professionals.

Jocelyn produces material in her spare time, acting as an amateur historian. Her personal blog produces independent pieces regarding local history, especially places long forgotten or a little bit odd. She is a blog manager for a local non-profit group and has also performed legislative research in the area of animal rescue.


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  • Legal100+
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  • Technology10+
  • Marketing7
  • Agriculture6
  • Consumer Goods5
  • Pets5
  • Spirituality3
  • Education3
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  • Outdoor/Recreation1

Summary of Industry Experience


With 20 years of experience in the legal industry, Jocelyn has held every position available in a law firm: receptionist, paralegal and even lawyer. Since deciding to devote her full-time paid work to freelance writing, Jocelyn uses that experience to produce content that helps consumers find a good attorney, understand the newest legal trends and generally avoid trouble.


A horsewoman and consummate fan of "Top Gear," Jocelyn shows a wide range of interest in many forms of locomotion, including and especially sports cars. She took this interest another step and starting adding promotional copy regarding automobiles. In addition, she has also produced material helping promote auto repair and maintenance services.


Fascinated with technological development most of her life, Jocelyn is both self-taught and well-read. Taking these skills to ghost writing was not difficult as Jocelyn produces product descriptions, reviews, and how-to guides. After knowing many "technophobes," Jocelyn likes to present technology in a friendly light as a streamlining tool for business, security and consumer functions.


As a small business owner herself, Jocelyn understands the importance of marketing to ensure profitability. She takes this understanding to producing good advertisement copy whether in the form of press releases, blog articles or introductory web content. While most of this writing is performed on behalf of marketing firms to help them help their clients, Jocelyn has produced direct assignments in this area as well.


Jocelyn has both hands-on and writing experience in the area of agriculture, in particular the care and comfort of livestock, especially bovine and equine. Fascinated with developments that help control insects and bacteria, Jocelyn offers solid promotion of products that help keep animals healthy. Being involved in the equestrian community herself, Jocelyn is well aware of the importance of livestock care and how it affects the product quality of food-producing animals or athletic performance of non-food animals.

Consumer Goods

With so many options presented to consumers, it is important to have good promotional material and descriptions to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions. That is why Jocelyn believes producing high-quality material in this realm is important. Her product descriptions, product reviews and other promotions are highly rated by clients.


With seven years experience in animal rescue, Jocelyn has seen the best and worst in animal care. She produces press releases and promotional copy for dog parks and dog care providers and in addition, has published articles regarding feline care. Recently, she sold licensing rights to an article on using horse blankets and continues to submit articles for publication on many topics regarding horse care.


Jocelyn's ghost writing on spiritual topics covers mainly practical grounds. She produced web content for churches as well as businesses that touch into the psychic and paranormal. Jocelyn also provides writing for services that assist the spiritual community including Biblical transcription, sermon transcription and short descriptions of religious holidays. Jocelyn approaches these assignments with an open mind and only the desire to produce good written product.


As a ghost writer, Jocelyn produced a variety of educational content on many topics from back-to-school anxiety to descriptions of different degrees offered by community colleges. Jocelyn likes to keep this material accessible as a way to encourage readers who are considering different approaches to their own or their children's education.


In her career, Jocelyn headed a solo law practice and is now running her own venture as a freelance writer. Not only is she interested in any research that helps her further develop her own business knowledge, but she also enjoys sharing that knowledge through blog articles and other copy written for clients.


Jocelyn is an avid outdoorswoman who enjoys a variety of activities. Her ghost writing assignments include promotional material for doggy day care establishments who provide long hikes for their canine charges. Jocelyn continues to reach out in this area by submitting articles for publication that cover fly fishing, horseback riding and dog-friendly parks and locales.

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