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David is a professional copywriter with experience in brand management, brand development, creative design, and innovative marketing strategies. He has been published in several national magazines, and has extensive knowledge of a number of industries including Internet Commerce, Marketing and Advertising, Automotive, Restaurant Management, and Food and WIne. He is a big believer in education, and communication, as a method to create emotional connections with your targeted audience with relevant content that makes a difference in their everyday lives. The best results are realized when you deliver an experience that engages the reader and encourages them to share with others.
David is a Google Adwords Certified Partner and very comfortable with writing keyword rich copy that creates better search engine results. He is proficient in website copy writing, video script and production, blog posting, and powerpoint presentation. He recently wrote and designed a powerpoint presentation for the DIY network for a HDTV Reality Show pilot that has been scheduled for full production.
Research is the key to great copy. You have to understand the subject you are writing about, the demographics, psychographics, and psychology of the market you are trying to reach, and the competitive field you are engaging. Your content must clearly define your products or services, communicate value to your customers, and be memorable.


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  • Marketing100+
  • Web Development50+
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  • Technology10+
  • Medical10+
  • Construction10+

Summary of Industry Experience


David has written copy for a number of brand development, and marketing clients. His experience includes construction, medical practices, e commerce, internet marketing, childcare, and entrepreneurship. His style of writing is expressive and written to be easily understood by the audience it is intended to reach. To be effective and to achieve the desired results, the audience needs to understand the message.

Web Development

David has extensive knowledge of Brand Management, Brand Development, Website Development, and Creative Design. His experience includes brand naming, tagline creation, positioning statement, photography, video production, and professional content management. He has written a multitude of creative briefs, and contract proposals. He is proficient with blog posts, and SEO rich copy. David is a Google Adwords Certified Partner.


Often authors are challenged by the nature and concept of an industry, that initially, tests their imagination, and skills only to become exceptional. This was the case of a multi-unit pawn company with which David has succeeded in transforming the public opinion of the industry, to become accepted as an integral member of the community.


David was selected as the winner of the 2011 Coastal Entrepreneur Awards for Internet Marketing sponsored by the UNCW Cameron School of Business. The achievement was for his work in the development of Frank Deals, a coupon card. The card gave discounts to cardholders at over 400 local merchants validated by a proprietary software system.


David has a personal background in invertebrate zoology, physiology, and clinical research. As having been trained as a research scientist, he is comfortable with writing ,and editing, content and copy that requires a knowledge of a medical, and technical nature. He has written for Family Practice, Orthopaedic Physicians, Health and Fitness, and Integrated Medicine.


David recently was presented with an interesting challenge. He was asked to write copy for a presentation of a HDTV Reality TV episode for the DIY network " Raising House". The content was written for a construction company with a background in environmentally proactive construction. The article included a local architect, the builder, and the family building their dream home in a coastal community. The presentation has been accepted, and production has been scheduled.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post10+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

David has written blog posts for a number of companies, and within specific industries. The style of writing, in the included sample, is written to be authoritative, challenging, and requiring the viewer to ask questions of themselves. The article was very well received and applauded for defining the positioning of a company relative to their competition.

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