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David W
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Joined 7/2/2013
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David W. has worked for the past decade in SEO content creation, having crafted landing pages, articles, eBooks, sales pieces, press releases, product reviews, how-to information, and translations. The sum total of his content pieces that have formatted for search-engine optimization and/or social media integration stands at well over one million words.

David's portfolio includes every topic under the sun. While his favorites include history, politics, finance, technology, and sports, he has written for fields including (but not limited to) medicine, IT, small and large businesses, legal documentation, education, health and nutrition, and digital design promotion.

A thorough understanding of Google Analytics allows for the optimal search-engine optimization of each piece of work produced by David. He can format articles for HTML and phpBB web scripting in the event that a customer desires immediate integration into their site. He has had work published and understands Chicago-style and AP publication rulesets in order to deliver a professional copy or a journal-grade piece of research.

As a writer, he always strives to create truly compelling pieces for an audience to read. Getting to the top of a Google search means very little if the attention of your visitors cannot be retained. Keeping eyes (and mice) on a page requires persuasive pieces that inform, engage, and even entertain. His style uses an active voice and a strong vocabulary on every piece to create pages that draw visitors in, ultimately increasing click rates and page views to boost the performance of any site on the Internet.
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