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Augusta J. has always had a passion for studying about medical and health related issues for many years, and her quest continues. She has written several booklets and hundred of articles on various subjects, in reference to medical and health conditions.

She is happy to provide these services in the medical and health field including:

Writing articles (SEO) - Developing articles written with the appropriate amount of keywords, without keyword stuffing. Painting a picture and getting the most wanted response to lead customers to your products is crucial.

Web content - Providing SEO content for your blogs and website pages, which can enhance the message that you are trying to get across and attract more traffic.

Sales Letters - Creating direct and email marketing, autoresponders, and ad copy that generate profits for you.

She is familiar with the importance of being FDA and FTC compliant in certain areas.

Augusta realizes within the health and medical fields major research is required, which cannot be accomplished superficially. She will give your content her undivided attention.

Feedback from some of her customers:

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Augusta J. is a medical and health enthusiast, who is currently studying about various illnesses. Combined with taking courses, she works full time writing health and medical articles for a nationally recognized online wellness magazine. She also works on two personal blogs, and operates an online health store.

In the past, she has written web content, press releases, sales and newsletters, for the health food, vitamin and herbal therapy venues. Augusta has also collaborated on marketing material and co-authored medical and natural health reports, including subjects discussing the immune system, sexual health, diabetes, and heart disease.


Augusta interest lies in exercising, especially when it comes to callanetics and weight lifting. She also enjoys art, traveling, reading, music, as well as experimenting with juicing and raw food preparations.


Akers Computerized Learning Centers

Augusta J. graduated with an Associate in Applied Science. Her courses included programming, flowcharts, word processing and operating systems.

Trinity College

Augusta received training in holistic and naturopathic medicine. Her studies comprised anatomy, orthomolecular nutrition, kinesiology, food chemistry, women and men’s health.

Natural Healing College

Currently, Augusta is taking classes, which include advance anatomy and physiology, nutrition, weight loss management, herb-drug-vitamin interactions, and analysis of chronic diseases and illnesses.


497 Projects Completed

Augusta has written alternative health articles for a popular online publication health site. She continues to hone her craft with several other well known writing agencies.

Having assisted several colleagues in providing health sales content and a newsletter for their websites, she has created a wellness affiliate site, too.


186 Projects Completed

Augusta has written, and currently writes and research for medical purposes. She understands that the language related to medicine needs to be broken down into laymen's terms so the average person can fully understand what is being conveyed.

Augusta has never stopped being amazed at how the human body is designed and enjoys studying and acquiring new information to implement and share.


75 Projects Completed

When in comes to women and their specific health concerns, Augusta has experience in writing about conditions such as pregnancy, breast cancer, ovarian cysts, hysterectomies, sexual problems, PMS, cardiovascular health affecting women and different stages of menopause.

This is just a few of the various problems that can affect women in their lifetime. August realizes that it is important to furnish the most current research pertaining to these important issues.


61 Projects Completed

Augusta has written multiple articles in reference to Nutrition. She realizes nutrition is the key to maintaining the health of the cells. She has discovered, when you keep your immune system strong and healthy, by furnishing it with the proper nutrients, your body with function appropriately, resulting in it healing itself.

Augusta is currently continuing her studies in the field of Nutrition.


27 Projects Completed

After losing a considerable about of weight, Augusta has firsthand experience with fitness and its frustrations and triumphs. She knows that the waistline has a strong influence on your longevity.

She has written many general articles in reference to the importance of losing fat and maintaining a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index).

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1,023 Projects Completed

Augusta creates blog posts for clients on a daily basis, she also has her own blogs, which are updated frequently - this keeps them from becoming stagnant. This writer is aware that having epic material on your site is essential for keeping your clients coming back to see what else is new


768 Projects Completed

Augusta has the most experience in writing articles within the areas of conventional and alternative health. Nevertheless, she has also covered topics in reference to crime, home improvement, beauty, gardening, and HVAC. This writer can create succinct content, but what she really enjoys is penning ambitious in-depth pieces. She can deliver your material in a conversational, authoritative, or promotional tone

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