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Charity earned her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a Minor in Creative Writing at the University of South Florida. She has created dozens of blog posts, press releases, product descriptions, linkbait, and informational articles for many clients. She has ghost written on everything from the health requirements of vegetarianism to self-empowerment for women.


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Summary of Industry Experience

Home Living

Charity has worked on a project supplying Angie's List with articles ranging from how to pick out tapestries to how to remove dampness from basements.


Charity has ghostwritten a white paper on the health benefits of being vegetarian. She has also published blogs for health clinics about how to improve your well being through changing your nutritional intake.

Green Living

Charity has been interested in green living since she was a little girl. A green hobbyist, she has begun composting, recycling, and upcycling many objects. She has authored a well received article on the future of algae as a biofuel.


Charity has written on topics ranging from relationships, friendships, and women in the workforce. I recently completed an ebook on women entrepreneurship.


Charity has written about many business related topics from social media marketing and how to start your own business to women in entrepreneurship.

Self Help

Charity is skilled in writing about a range of self help topics from trying to reach self-actualization to overcoming the effects of abuse.

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