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Journalist Graduate of the University of Houston:

Kevin graduated from the University of Houston in 2004 with a BA in Journalism.

Kevin has since been published by award-winning publications such as the Houston Chronicle and Brenham-Banner Press and has been a member of the Texas Press Association.

Kevin has a well-rounded eleven years of experience writing breaking news content covering:

-Local government
-Legal and courtroom proceedings
-Press releases

Investigative journalism: As an Investigative Journalist Kevin covers:
-Social awareness content
-Blog writing
-Article writing
-Radio correspondent

Kevin has also published four books.
Real Estate
Human Resources
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In addition to being an accomplished writer Kevin has a meticulous eye for editing. He is also a top-notch researcher and can be handed a topic he is unfamiliar and quickly write expert level content. He is tenacious when given a project and does whatever is necessary to make the copy to client specifications quickly, grammatically sound and professional.


Kevin enjoys music, football, boxing, video games, paranormal research and has a passion playing guitar and singing.


University of Houston

Kevin studied under industry professionals from the Houston Chronicle in research, media law, and news writing as well as training with award winning journalists from several of the Chronicle's news departments.


503 Projects Completed

Kevin has published four books and was the first reporter in the nation to report Carolina Panthers' quarterback Cam Newton's transfer to Blinn Junior College.


328 Projects Completed

Kevin is an avid platform gamer, subscribes to several Gaming magazines and has provided quality reviews on PC, platform and online gaming for several highly respected game-review sites.

Search Marketing

323 Projects Completed

Kevin has consistently produced high-quality SEO content for several large companies that helped increase traffic due to both the keyword usage and the way he captures readers' interests by thinking outside of the box to get their attention.


283 Projects Completed

Worked for six months on an account that consisted on that consisted of 40 heating and air conditioning blog posts per month. At WriterAccess 94% of every appliance article Kevin has written has been rated as "Exceeded my expectations." One HVAC clent, insists on only working with Kevin for their HVAC business blog. They have endorsed him for both appliances writing and blog writing.


237 Projects Completed

Kevin is extremely versatile. He often is sent work in industries he has never written about and exceeds expectations time and time again no matter the subject. Need an article or blog about anything in a pinch? Send it to Kevin and you will think he is an expert due to his meticulous research.


186 Projects Completed

Not only has Kevin written many articles and social media posts for the auto industry, his family is deeply rooted in automobile sales and finance. He grew up roaming around family dealerships, has numerous expert resources to draw from and has been around cars in his entire life.


159 Projects Completed

Kevin served as an intern for US Congressman Kevin Brady as a reward for being one of the top ten political science students in his college. Kevin enjoys writing political news and commentary daily on news coming from the White House and Congress.


143 Projects Completed

Kevin once maintained and contributed to a blog known as "Lovefool Lane" which was strictly devoted to dating tips and reviews of online dating sites. Kevin put in the time himself to start profiles on every dating site he reviewed to give the reader an honest assessment not influenced by advertising dollars.

Real Estate

107 Projects Completed

Kevin has worked on many important real estate orders at WriterAccess. He studies the areas he writes about extensively to make sure everything is factual. Kevin really is an exceptional researcher in this industry. Kevin has also worked five-star real estate orders although he is currently a four-star writer.


103 Projects Completed

Kevin has extensivley researched marketing through articles and videos and has provided many clients with informative and timely copy about trends and strategy.


102 Projects Completed

Kevin has served as a beat writer for the Brenham Banner-Press covering Washington County Commissioner's Court, Brenham City Council, Dayton News covering Dayton City Council meetings, Cleveland Advocate covering Cleveland City Council, Humble city council and Harris County Commissioner's court and Liberty County Commissioner's court.


75 Projects Completed

Kevin not only is an entrepreneur but he has also provided many of his clients with timely articles regarding business trends and has researched extensively to keep on top of what is working for businesses and what needs to be thrown out.


72 Projects Completed

In addition to his writing skills Kevin is an avid travel enthusiast. He writes about places he's seen in a way that paints a picture for the reader and his excitement and energy infect the reader with a desire to be there themselves.


65 Projects Completed

Kevin is a PC enthusiast who enjoys tinkering and trying to build a better computer. He has reviewed PC's, Apple products and smart phones for both blogs and article-based websites.


53 Projects Completed

Kevin has made several guest blogs and provided top-ten lists for websites in need of humorous content. Kevin has a unique ability to pinpoint what gives the reader a good belly laugh.


51 Projects Completed

Kevin has a firm grasp on researching careers and providing pertinent information readers need to know when considering a career. He has provided many articles regarding the pros and cons of certain careers as well as articles geared to promote other careers.

Human Resources

20 Projects Completed

Kevin was hand-picked to write for Aon-Hewitt CEO Russell Fradin's "Russ Report" explaining misunderstood human resource issues to employees in 44 countries, due to the popularity of his participation on the blog.


1,018 Projects Completed

Published by several Texas newspapers and magazines such as the Houston Chronicle, Brenham Banner-Press, Cleveland Advocate, Dayton News, Humble Observer, Atascocita Observer, Lake Houston Observer, Kingwood Observer, Eastex Advocate and H-Texas magazine.


983 Projects Completed

Kevin is an expert at writing engaging product descriptions. The tone and attention-getting nature of Kevin's voice make people want to buy from his clients. Out of the 11 paid brochure snippets Kevin has written for WriterAccess, all 11 have exceeded the client's expectations.

Blog Post

658 Projects Completed

In addition to running and maintaining his own blog, Kevin contributes to blogs for several high-profile companies and blog posts are a specialty of Kevin's.

Web Page

470 Projects Completed

I wrote every page on this website. It was all done through WriterAccess and I have received an exceeds rating for every bit of work I did on their pages. This company trusts me and comes to WriterAccess to have me work for them.

Facebook Post

81 Projects Completed

Kevin writes daily Facebook posts for various car dealerships that are intended to keep the customer engaged. He has done so well he has been rated "exceeded expectations seven times for his Facebook work here on WriterAccess.

Radio Spot

40 Projects Completed

Kevin has worked as a correspondent for Houston talk-radio stations. He regularly reported remotely from from sporting events to local sports radio shows to provide updates on local high school and college football games.


4 Projects Completed

Kevin has published four books about High school and college sports that were sold on Lulu and Amazon. Kevin designed the cover and binding himself and provided much of the photography used in the four books, Raising the Bar, S.W.A.T., Whatever it Takes and Heart of a Champion.

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