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Kelsey is an established, professional writer who has written for online publications on topics ranging from medicine and drug research to wedding planning and travel. She is a published short story author, a journalist with AP style writing experience, an interview writer, blogger and editor. Kelsey is also an adjunct professor at Dixie State University where she teaches biological sciences. She earned her BA in Biology from Whittier College in California and her Master's from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. She has worked as an educator teaching subjects ranging from science to literature for almost 20 years. As a writer, editor, and professor,she knows the importance of solid research, excellent grammar, and engaging content in creating quality work that readers can both trust and enjoy.
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Kelsey specializes in writing articles that present information in a clear, concise manner and enjoys making complicated topics less intimidating and easier to understand. Her special interests include humor, fiction, science writing, and travel.


Kelsey is an avid reader, writer, amateur astronomer and traveler. As a mother of three young children, she likes to explore the world and find new ways to overcome parenting dilemmas. With a BA in Biology and over a decade of teaching experience in both private and public schools, Kelsey also loves to find ways to incorporate science and learning into everyday life. She enjoys the challenge of forging new paths and is always an advocate of taking "the road less traveled."


Whittier College

Kelsey earned her BA in Biology with an emphasis on the life sciences.

University of Nebraska at Kearney

Kelsey completed her Masters in Biology in the summer of 2017 with an emphasis in microbiology. Her dissertation explored Joshua Tree growth in the Southern Utah dessert.


91 Projects Completed

Kelsey has had experience working as a contributing writer for an online wedding publication that discussed everything from make-up and hair to bridal showers and invitations. In addition to her research for each assigned topic, Kelsey also attended special wedding conventions and events to stay up-to-date on the latest fashions and trends in the industry.


72 Projects Completed

With a BA in Biology and her work as an Adjunct Professor of Biology at Dixie State University, Kelsey is well versed in the science of healthcare. She has written articles and blog posts on health related topics that include dental care, prenatal care, diet, exercise, disease description and prevention, specialty treatments, and more.


57 Projects Completed

Kelsey works as the Editor-in-Chief of a digital magazine dedicated to interviewing entrepreneurs and startups about their experiences in the world of business. She researches businesses and prospective interviewees, writes interviews and feature articles, and manages and edits all content for the magazine.


57 Projects Completed

Kelsey's degree in Biology as well as her work as an Adjunct Professor of Biology at Dixie State University has given her the knowledge she needs in order to create accurate and understandable content. Her experience with medical terminology makes her pieces valid and professional while her ability to translate difficult medical concepts and conditions makes these topics easier for readers to grasp.


56 Projects Completed

Kelsey has experience writing for a number of travel and family travel websites and online publications. She also has experience working for a major airline where she gained a behind-the-scenes view of the travel industry. An avid traveler, Kelsey has visited international locations in Switzerland, Germany, France and Mexico as well as a number of locations within the US including places such as New York City, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Los Angeles and Salt Lake City to name a few. She enjoys writing on the family travel experience and providing tips for traveling with young children.

Home Living

44 Projects Completed

Kelsey has experience writing home living articles for a local newspaper as well as for a family website where she has reviewed common household and parenting items. She has also written tips and tricks for housecleaning, budgeting, couponing, decorating, and basic home upkeep. As a mother of three young children, she has developed practical knowledge and understanding of home living and related topics.


36 Projects Completed

Kelsey has written for online publications in the family travel, kid's tips, parenting how-to's and family product review fields for over five years. In addition to her online experience, she has also written on these topics and others including child abuse, education, and family recreation as a journalist for a Southern Utah newspaper. She has worked as a teacher in both private and public school settings for over ten years teaching subjects such as biology, life science, English, writing, and literature. She is the mother of three young children and has first-hand knowledge of the topics she writes on, offering an up-close perspective on how to navigate the world of parenting in everything from potty training to travel on a budget.


33 Projects Completed

Kelsey has worked as an educator in both private and public schools for over a decade. She has taught subjects including Biology, Life Science, Physical Science, English, Literature, Creative Writing and History at both middle and high school levels. She also has experience in elementary education, ESL, test prep, and has worked as a T.A. in a Marine Biology class while attending college. She currently works as an Adjunct Professor of Biology at Dixie State University in Southern Utah.


27 Projects Completed

Kelsey has experience writing on a variety of fashion related topics which include wedding fashion and trends for brides, bridesmaids, and the wedding party, current fads, popular accessory trends, and more. She enjoys writing in an engaging and upbeat tone that attracts fashion readers worldwide.


25 Projects Completed

Kelsey is a professional writer, former educator and mother of three young children. Her life experiences have helped her see the humorous side of situations and she has used that ability to create funny, witty and amusing articles for clients in a variety of fields. She has provided blog posts, stories and feature articles on subjects ranging from children and teaching to education and travel. Her unique writing style, engaging voice and professional work ethic provide clients with quality content with every project.


22 Projects Completed

Kelsey has worked as a contributing writer for an online wedding publication where she wrote tips and how-to's for wedding make-up, hair, nails, fashion, skin care and overall beauty. She researched trends in the wedding and fashion industries and attended wedding and beauty events to talk to professionals about new styles and instructions.


15 Projects Completed

Kelsey has written travel, outdoor prep, and national park review articles for newspapers as well as for travel websites. Her outdoor hobbies include hiking, swimming, sailing, and nature walks. She enjoys writing on these topics as well as other recreation-related subjects.


6 Projects Completed

Kelsey has worked as a science teacher in both a private and public school setting. She has created her own curriculum based off popular science text book publishers and has also designed her own corresponding experiments. She has taught high school Biology, as well as middle school and high school life science and physical science. As an amateur astronomer, Kelsey has also taught mini astronomy classes to church organizations and Boy Scout troops using her own telescope. She currently works as an Adjunct Professor of Biology at Dixie State University in Southern Utah.


6 Projects Completed

Kelsey holds a BA in Biology from Whittier College in California. During her time there, she worked as a T.A. in a Marine Biology class and was also top of her Chemistry Class for report writing and experiment summation. She taught high school Biology and designed her own unique experiments to help students more fully understand the topics being discussed. She currently works as an Adjunct Professor of Biology at Dixie State University in Southern Utah.

Blog Post

191 Projects Completed

Kelsey is a professional writer with experience crafting engaging blog posts that bring readers back for more. She has written posts on a variety of subjects for a number of fields including those in the business, education, travel, children, family, beauty, and wedding industries. Her unique writing style and professional work ethic means clients receive quality content with each project.

Web Page

118 Projects Completed

Kelsey has created web page content for fields including medicine, dental, financial, legal, education, and product information. She is dedicated to writing unique content that is both informational and engaging for the reader.

Product Description

100 Projects Completed

Kelsey has more than five years of experience writing product descriptions for industries such as home decor, office and school furniture, recreational supplies, Word templates, real estate, and more. She is dedicated to creating quality descriptions that bring the product to life while still incorporating key details and features.


66 Projects Completed

Kelsey has contributed articles to a number of online publications including family, parenting, travel and wedding websites and blogs. She has also written feature articles and interviews for a digital business magazine of which she also serves as Editor-in-Chief.

Press Release

17 Projects Completed

Kelsey is a former professional newspaper journalist with experience writing press releases for a variety of businesses and industries including those in the medical, surgical, beauty and service-related fields. She is skilled at creating dynamic and engaging press release content by compiling company details, company news and quotes in a clear and concise manner. She follows AP guidelines, works well on a deadline and provides clients with professional material that professionally promotes their business.


3 Projects Completed

Kelsey has had two of her short stories published in books of collected works, one as a humorous non-fiction project depicting personal dating and relationship experiences, and the other as a work of fiction in the 'thriller' genre.

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