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Sue E
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Sue obtained her MBA in Finance and an undergraduate degree in MIS providing the perfect combination allowing the ability to further writing in both areas of technology and money, what makes the world go round. She has written multiple articles based on the small business stance on how they can further advance in technology to build a profit. She has been able to research the Internet very successfully and provide documentation and citations showing information how telecommuting is the coming way business is beginning to move slowly and also share ideas through professional writing of marketing and advertising by use of social media and networking.


Sue has experience writing about job searching and career based topics as well as the areas of small business including financial aspects of a small business. The other areas Sue focuses writing on are social media, marketing and advertising including website SEO and and website development.

Sue has three writing specialties; AP, blogging, and APA


Sue enjoys the ability to research current events of news and politics. Sue has interest in medical technology industries and how areas can be built or improved to assist persons who can only work from home due to injury or medical condition.


National American University

Sue E completed her degree with a minor in Networking. Sue also chose to study a second BSc degree in Web Development while completing the first and compile the two as they both would mesh together because of the content. The second degree gave Sue the ability to further progress interest in web development technology and SEO capabilities.

National American University

Sue E completed her MBA in Finance including a minor in Economy to further build the career capability in small business.

Argosy University

Sue E chose to pursue the studies of global leadership, organizational management, and international studies. During this time Sue achieved the ability to fully understand management strategy within corporations and the formal writing that takes place in academia research. Sue has now reached ABD status for her Doctorate level.


20 Projects Completed

Sue has been writing published articles for her local online newspaper and getting paid for research and providing resourceful information within her writing to visitors and readers.


13 Projects Completed

Sue E helps job seekers find employment by providing various articles all focused on finding a job. Every article focuses on business seeking whether it is how to greet an employer, how to refocus a resume, whether to best look for new employment, how not to speak during an interview, what entry level persons should remember when job seeking and how graduates should focus their resources when networking. Much more articles are being built as employment is becoming more difficult to find.


6 Projects Completed

Sue E provides the current and small business news taking place across the United States and discuss how small business owners can improve their profits in marketing and advertising capability by using various options. Various topics being discussed in business are focused on management, analysis, customer service, marketing and advertising capability, and much more.


5 Projects Completed

Sue E has provided articles that discuss topics on types of Epilepsy and adult Chronic Migraines. Sue has spent much time researching both of those topics scholarly and using cited resources to provide her readers with documentation that can help readers further understand these type of medical matters for their own educational purposes and the reading will also help to prepare questions when seeing a specialist.


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