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Gabe W. is a web developer, programmer, humorist, and freelance writer with extensive experience creating both personal and professional articles primarily focused on programming, gaming, and technology. As the creator and sole developer of numerous websites ranging in all manner of topics from online board game shops to personal finance web services, he has a vast knowledge of SEO best-practices and tricks of the trade. His substantial works as a professional writer in the online realm include articles for popular games journalism and technology websites, both oral and written tutorials, and generating & proofing technical documents for a variety of clientele. He has also penned a multitude of humorous short stories and blog posts both personally and professionally covering sundry topics. He hopes to meld this plethora of skills and experiences into interesting and entertaining content for readers from all walks of life!


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Web Development

Gabe W. has been a professional web developer and engineer as both an independent contractor and team member for over 11 years. He has created or worked on websites dedicated to all manner of topics and services ranging from board game commerce shops to personal finance to social networking hubs to creative portfolios.


Gabe W. has been in the gaming journalism industry for 7 years, writing reviews, tutorials, and op-ed articles for a variety of gaming publications. In addition to being an avid gamer himself, he also maintains a handful of personal gaming-related blogs and websites with his thoughts and rants on the latest gaming trends and topics.


Gabe W. has written a variety of articles and blog posts with ever-so-slight lilt toward the humorous. When asked to make editorial corrections to any such scrawl, he invariably reaches into his pocket and throws a handful of white powder into the air while running away exclaiming, "I'm a ninja!"

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