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Selena has experience in a variety of different writing fields and enjoys meeting her clients needs with an easy-to-read, fun and engaging writing style. Over the past few years with Writer Access, she has had the opportunity to reach readers online with many different writing styles including blog posts, e-books, press releases, product reviews, legal articles and general articles.

Selena has a great deal of understanding when it comes to the importance of SEO keyword usage and meeting the demands of many different clients. She enjoys speaking to readers in a casual, natural and easy tone, while still being authoritative and informative.
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Selena specializes in blog posts, product reviews and feature articles. With previous work experience in the legal and insurance fields, Selena is able to speak with authority on many different sub-categories that fall within these broader fields. Selena is also an avid entertainment, fashion, health and pet writer. Many of your favorite list style websites showcase her work and she is excited to dive further into those industries should the opportunity arise.


Selena is an avid music fan. She has spent many years performing in ensemble choirs, community theater and has even been the front woman for a few different bands. She also enjoys reading, sewing, and being outdoors. She grew up in Colorado and is never one to shy away from an outdoor adventure.


Lamar community College

After a short stay in small town Colorado Selena realized she needed to be in the hustle and bustle of the city, she therefore left community college without completing her AA. But luckily she has found her new home city of Portland, OR and can go back and finish her degree.


568 Projects Completed

Selena has been writing about different types of insurance for well over three years and has previously held property and casualty insurance licenses in over 20 US states. Selena has experience writing in many different insurance fields including auto, home, life, health, RV, motorcycle, umbrella boat/watercraft and more. She understand the importance of finding the right level of coverage to fit one's needs and can easily convey this message to readers.


403 Projects Completed

As a former insurance salesperson, Selena is well-versed in the health industry and likes to keep up with the many changes going on in the way Americans shop for coverage. She has experience writing on many different topics including everything from the wonders of coconut oil to how to choose the right GP.

Selena has also been a practicing vegetarian for several years and has great insight into the world of healthy eating. She has taken her knowledge and love for the health food world and turned it into a great way to share this love with readers online. From blog posts to e-books, Selena has written them all and is always looking for a new way to spread the word to others.


389 Projects Completed

Selena is an expert in the world of all things celebrity and entertainment. She enjoys writing about celebrity gossip, philanthropy, celebs in politics and the occasional in depth look into what's going on "right now" in the entertainment industry. She is a reader of celebrity and entertainment news in her free time and prides herself on her ability to connect well with that specific audience.

Real Estate

348 Projects Completed

Selena is highly skilled at writing buzz-worthy and informative content that educates potential home buyers. She has experience writing everything from blog posts to real estate guides and web pages for real estate companies in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.


288 Projects Completed

Selena has a strong legal writing background focusing mostly on personal injury, social security, environmental law, criminal cases, traditional divorce and collaborative divorce. Before becoming a content writer Selena worked as a legal assistant for several years. During that time she gained a lot of valuable insight into the litigation process and was able to work closely with a team of experienced and successful attorneys.


262 Projects Completed

Selena has been interested in health, fitness and wellness for many years and now, as a content writer, she gets to help educate others on the wonders of living a healthy and active life. As a professional writer Selena has experience writing on everything from basic Yoga poses to training for a marathon and the best body fitness routines for seniors. She loves writing a good blog post and will never shy away from a classic top 10 list either.


192 Projects Completed

Selena loves to help inform others on the do's and don'ts of travel. Whether your readers are looking for inspiration for a weekend getaway or need help planning their backpacking route through Southeast Asia, Selena can give them expert advice in a fun, casual and informative tone.


111 Projects Completed

Selena has experience selling insurance in over 20 states and can easily speak to readers on auto care maintenance, insurance, customization and more. Selena is never one to shy away from writing a juicy, yet informative "Best of" article and she really enjoys speaking to auto enthusiast with a casual and fun loving tone.


107 Projects Completed

Selena considers herself to be a bit of an expert when it comes to pets. As a writer, Selena has written on every subject imaginable when it comes to pets. She can easily give advice to readers on everything from potty training a puppy to breeding tropical fish and finding the right vet to fit your families needs. She also has experience working in animal care as a vet assistant for a major local pet store in Portland, OR.


80 Projects Completed

Selena grew up hiking, backpacking, hunting in fishing in Colorado and has a first hand insight into the world of exploring the outdoors. She can instantly help to take you readers on a journey by giving them detailed information with just the right level of SEO keyword usage to help you get the page views you need. Selena enjoys writing outdoor/ recreation product reviews, press releases, blog posts and general information articles that stand out for all the right reasons.

Blog Post

1,600 Projects Completed

Selena specializes in blog postings. With her uncomplicated writing style and casual, friendly tone she is easily able to connect with a wide variety of readers. Selena has been a blogger for many years and understand the effectiveness of breaking up text with a few well-placed sub-headers and bullet points! Give her a chance to write for your blog once and she's guaranteed to have readers coming back for more.


758 Projects Completed

Selena is a great choice for a natural, easy tone when writing general articles. She has experience writing in a number of different industries and is able to effectively communicate with readers in a writing style that is engaging and interesting. Whether you're looking for something more formal or want the content to be more relaxed, Selena can get the job done quickly and with ease.

Press Release

152 Projects Completed

Selena enjoys writing a good, fluid press release. While they may be challenging for some, Selena knows what makes a good press release pop and hit on major news sites.

Product Description

104 Projects Completed

Selena has written product descriptions in many different fields including clothing, technology, cell phones, appliances and more. She finds them fun, interesting and informative. She finds that the hardest thing about writing a great product description is to keep from going out online and buying the products!

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