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Ian E
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Ian E. earned his Bachelors Degree in Political Science from San Diego State University. While in school, Ian developed an Internet based company focused on selling products to college students. Ian ran this company with his business partner for three years until he graduated, and learned how to deal with vendors, suppliers, local businesses, and customers, while also gaining experience in cash flow management. In their third year of business, Ian and his partner expanded the scope of their company to include promoting and hosting events and local venues.
After graduating, Ian spent two years as a small business consultant for Verizon Wireless, where he learned how to interact with business and enterprise customers on a long-term basis. In the summer of 2012 Ian was asked to join a California State Assembly race as Chief Director, where he was responsible for interacting with the local media on a daily basis and managed up to 50 paid staffers and volunteers at any given time. Ian was responsible for press releases and position statements for the campaign and learned the significant differences between printed copy and digital copy.
After completing his responsibilities on the campaign, Ian started a public relations company in San Francisco, which he helped build for two years before moving on to his own content marketing business. Ian currently writes for several clients on a regular basis, and is looking to expand his portfolio. Ian's clients include the following industries: small business, government, healthcare, international business travel, search engine optimization, computer gaming, and mobile operating systems.
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