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Ian E. earned his Bachelors Degree in Political Science from San Diego State University. While in school, Ian developed an Internet based company focused on selling products to college students. Ian ran this company with his business partner for three years until he graduated, and learned how to deal with vendors, suppliers, local businesses, and customers, while also gaining experience in cash flow management. In their third year of business, Ian and his partner expanded the scope of their company to include promoting and hosting events and local venues.
After graduating, Ian spent two years as a small business consultant for Verizon Wireless, where he learned how to interact with business and enterprise customers on a long-term basis. In the summer of 2012 Ian was asked to join a California State Assembly race as Chief Director, where he was responsible for interacting with the local media on a daily basis and managed up to 50 paid staffers and volunteers at any given time. Ian was responsible for press releases and position statements for the campaign and learned the significant differences between printed copy and digital copy.
After completing his responsibilities on the campaign, Ian started a public relations company in San Francisco, which he helped build for two years before moving on to his own content marketing business. Ian currently writes for several clients on a regular basis, and is looking to expand his portfolio. Ian's clients include the following industries: small business, government, healthcare, international business travel, search engine optimization, computer gaming, and mobile operating systems.
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Ian specializes in several different writing styles, from his extensive use of press releases and media alerts for his public relations clients, to engaging and useful articles and web pages that have been SEO optimized for his online copywriting and creative writing clients.


Ian is an avid reader, with his favorite books ranging from political treatises to modern day fiction. He is also a cyclist and occasional surfer, and loves to spend as much time outside as possible. In his spare time, Ian likes to get a poker game together with his friends and watch Football or Basketball. Ian loves business strategy, and loves helping businesses build their online presence.


San Diego State University

Ian completed his dual degree with honors from San Diego State University. While attending, Ian also started a successful internet business and ran ground operations for a California Assembly race. Ian has found great enjoyment from the practical application of his degree.


685 Projects Completed

Ian is an established technology writer with experience ranging from smartphone hardware and desktop operating systems to articles covering CES over the years. Ian has a deep passion for technology that is always apparent in his articles, and he believes strongly that, when used correctly, technology can significantly improve the lives of individuals and society at large.


261 Projects Completed

Ian is a founding partner of a San Francisco based Public Relations firm. Since starting the firm in early 2012, Ian and his business partners have helped numerous clients market themselves both in traditional outlets like newspapers and television as well as new media like Facebook, blogs, and websites.


203 Projects Completed

Ian writes for a number of business blogs on behalf of companies who choose to outsource the work to him. These blogs are written on a weekly basis in order to drive customers to company websites and provide useful information.

Search Marketing

132 Projects Completed

Ian has worked on a large number of search marketing projects. When Ian co-founded a public relations firm in San Francisco, one of his primary responsibilities was developing and executing Internet marketing plans for his clients. Search marketing made up a significant amount of those plans.

Ian also stays up-to-date on the latest changes to Google's and Bing's search engine algorithm updates, and conducts keyword research for his own blogs and for the blogs of his corporate clients.


72 Projects Completed

Ian has written extensively on political topics. From his time as a public relations coordinator for a California State Assembly race to his current role as an adviser for several political groups, Ian knows the ins and outs of government programs and entities.


50 Projects Completed

Ian has written extensively on government related topics. From his time as a public relations coordinator for a California State Assembly race to his current role as an adviser for several political groups, Ian knows the ins and outs of government programs and entities.


46 Projects Completed

Ian has guest written for several gamer blogs, including a blog on zombie video games and a professional poker player website.


20 Projects Completed

Ian works directly with two companies that focus on mobile technology. He is responsible for their blogs, both of which focus on useful and current mobile applications.


768 Projects Completed

Ian has written hundreds of articles over the years. In addition to providing content for a wide variety of clients, Ian has also developed and managed his own separate blogs on politics, technology, and business topics. As a news junkie himself, article writing is one of Ian's favorite writing styles. If you are looking for someone who understands what it takes to create a captivating and informative article, look no further!

Blog Post

616 Projects Completed

Ian has a vast wealth of knowledge when it comes to writing blog posts. As a partner at a public relations firm, Ian regularly writes blog content for his clients. Ian has also written dozens of blog posts for clients at Writer Access, and writes regularly for his personal blog.

Facebook Post

513 Projects Completed

With over two years of experience in internet marketing at the public relations firm he co-founded, Ian is keenly aware of the value and benefits of a developed social media strategy. With over 1 billion users worldwide, Facebook is the single most important social media platform for companies to have a presence on. Ian has helped countless clients gain followers, likes, and conversions through Facebook.

Twitter Post

500 Projects Completed

As a partner at one of the newest public relations start-ups in California, Ian has learned firsthand the importance of social media services such as Twitter, and has developed best practices for his clients to maximize the impact of each individual tweet. Ian has a working knowledge of how to make every character of a tweet count.

Press Release

267 Projects Completed

As a partner for a public relations firm, Ian regularly develops and writes press releases for his clients. With a client base ranging from law firms to contractors to political campaigns, Ian has a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to create a compelling press release that will get the attention of editors at newspapers and other media outlets.

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