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Kaylen is a published content creator in both online and print mediums. With well over a decade of experience in all facets of writing, Kaylen's flexibility allows her to create winning content in a variety of genres.

Kaylen currently holds positions as the Blog Manager for a legal web design company and as Senior Writer and Content Strategist at a Massachusetts SEO and marketing firm. With writing and managing blogs for over 30 attorneys across the nation, Kaylen has specialized knowledge in creating legal content that converts for attorneys practicing personal injury, criminal defense, family and bankruptcy law. Her experience in digital marketing gives her content a strong SEO edge that has helped clients climb search engine rankings time and again.

Kaylen's past positions include Senior Editor & Associate Producer for a trio of websites, and she has a solid background in the medical field with hands-on experience working with patients in a variety of specializations from optometry to oncology.

She has written and edited thousands of published articles across the web. With an eye for detail and a passion for content of superior quality, Kaylen is poised to not only meet the needs of her clients, but exceed their expectations.
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Legal content, including blogs and practice area pages in criminal defense, personal injury, bankruptcy, family law, and more.
Search engine optimization and digital marketing
Medical content, including blogs and website pages for optometry, dental, oncology, and general health and wellness
General copywriting
Press releases
Product descriptions
Customer testimonials
Creative writing, fiction
Social media content
Sales content


Kaylen's interests include writing numerous blogs and website pages for clients across the globe and social media marketing for businesses of all types. As a seasoned, full time author, Kaylen is dedicated to staying abreast of the most current Internet content trends and search engine optimization techniques.


Missouri State University

Kaylen attended Missouri State University in pursuit of higher education.


336 Projects Completed

Kaylen has managed the website creation process for a variety of high profile attorney websites and currently manages blogs for over 30 law firms across the nation. She has provided hundreds of pages of search engine optimized legal content for practice areas such as family law, personal injury law, bankruptcy law, criminal defense, security clearance law, estate planning and more.

Kaylen prefers to use a professional yet emotional writing style for this type of content to resonate with potential clients and provide them with a call to action to schedule a consultation with the attorney.


163 Projects Completed

Kaylen has written on a variety of health and wellness topics, including diet and exercise, fitness, Pilates, women's health, vitamins and supplements, nutrition, diseases and illnesses, weight loss and more. There's no health and wellness topic that can't be covered in detail by Kaylen in a compelling and easy to read way that truly resonates with consumers and calls them to action.


70 Projects Completed

Kaylen has created content for dozens of medical sites, including high profile dental and urgent care websites. As a former Certified Paraoptometric, Kaylen is highly familiar with medical terminology and has the ability to efficiently research the most cutting edge and up to date medical treatments.

Kaylen specializes in optometry, ophthalmic and dental medical writing, but has a versatile and professional writing style that works well for any medical specialty.


54 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

As the former Senior Editor and Associate Producer for Dan & Jennifer Media, Inc., Kaylen has written and edited hundreds of articles in the dating and relationships niche. Kaylen's conversational yet authoritative writing style works well for all types of relationship articles, both identifying with readers and providing them with valuable information.


22 Projects Completed

Kaylen has crafted a variety of compelling marketing texts, including content for marketing emails and autoresponders, brochures, press releases and more. As an experienced author with a strong marketing and sales background, Kaylen understands how to use the written word to convert potential buyers into customers.

Home Living

19 Projects Completed

Kaylen has provided stellar website content for websites in the home living niche, with a specific focus on product descriptions. Kaylen's conversational yet informative writing style appeals to individuals seeking information about home living products, home living tips and advice.


15 Projects Completed

Kaylen is an experienced content creator in the nutrition niche, covering a multitude of topics such as juicing, vitamins and supplements and dieting. As a published writer with nutritional information products on Amazon, Kaylen offers superior quality content crafted specifically for the health and wellness industry.

Blog Post

235 Projects Completed

Kaylen has extensive experience in creating blog posts using a Wordpress platform. She is able to edit, format, add photos and publish blog posts through Wordpress for bloggers and businesses who aren't able to devote as much time as they would like to their blogs.

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