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Judith E
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Joined 5/22/2013
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As a professional freelance writer by trade, Judith E. welcomes and appreciates solo orders, from both new and previous clients. Focusing on solo orders allows her to make each order a priority and ensures that clients receive a piece that is properly researched, carefully worded and delivered on time, everytime. Communication with clients is welcomed and valued, as it helps her to understand the client's intent for each piece and deliver the best possible finished product.

Judith E. views education as a fluid thing and continues to take online classes in a variety of subjects, from technology to ancient history, as time constraints allow. Prior careers and experience in real estate sales, construction, law enforcement dispatching, marketing and heavy manufacturing have given her a broad knowledge base, which helps to add depth to many of the topics she is asked to write about.

A professional writer, she has successfully ghost written blog posts, SEO pieces, manuscripts, white papers, ebooks and advertising materials of all types. Serving a wide range of private clients and content providers, Judith also provides quality freelance writing for web content usage. An avid researcher, she takes pride in learning about each topic that she is asked to write about.
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