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S.O. is a seasoned technical writer with over 32 years of engineering and IT support experience. He has earned B.S. degrees in engineering technology and computer science and has worked in the automotive, aerospace, nuclear, alternative energy, oil and gas, and computer software industries. He is a home recording studio enthusiast and writes technical articles about recording studio software. He expects to release a Kindle book on welding industry careers in the summer of 2013. In his spare time he supports blog and grant writing projects for 3 non-profits, and edits eBooks used by blind and print impaired high school and college students. His software skills include: Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Adobe, Scrivener, WordPress, Joomla, and PDF professional. He has studied the basics of SEO methods relative to unique content creation, website CMS, and blog configuration.

S.O. has completed writing projects including 50 instruction manuals, website user guides, and manufacturing work instructions for hundreds of aerospace, automotive, and nuclear products. He has also edited software requirements documents and test plans for highly complex computer programs. He has been employed by GE, Exxon, Comau-PICO Robotics, EG&G, Union Carbide, Computer Science Corporation, and Invensys Rail Systems among others. He currently publishes regular blog articles for a computer recycling business, and two Amazon affiliate websites where he reviews industrial equipment and home recording studio hardware and software.


S.O.'s specialties include software requirements documents, test plans, engineering reports, problem solving reports, work instructions, software user guides, instruction manuals, WordPress website content, and product review articles.


S.O. has many hobbies and interests which include Internet investment analysis, home computers, cooking, reading, music composing and arranging, and home digital recording technology.


Thomas Edison State College

This degree includes graduate credits from RPI and coursework in CAD/CAM and robotics with a GPA of 3.2 overall.

LeTourneau University

This degree includes concentrated coursework in mechanical, electrical, industrial, and metallurgical engineering.


100 Projects Completed

As a manufacturing engineer, S.O. has completed hundreds of technical writing projects over the last 32 years. His writing to date includes technical reports, work instructions, specifications, and product reviews.


100 Projects Completed

As an IT engineer, S.O. has completed hundreds of technical writing projects over the last 32 years. His writing work to date includes software requirements documents, test plans, user guides, instruction manuals, and website blog articles.


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