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TA writes hard-hitting and informative marketing articles for businesses that want to grow sales and strengthen their relationships with consumers. Her specialty is the finance realm, particularly personal finance. However, TA frequently contributes material to the automotive, employment, and health industries. Versatility is TA's niche, and she's not afraid to take untraveled roads in her writing journeys.

TA has officially been contributing articles, blogs, and product reviews for the past 10 years, and she has sold over 10,000 pieces to various businesses. She's a writer that business owners can fully trust and rely on not only to meet deadlines but to create content that brings results.
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Lyric writing, music composition, blogging, product reviews, and articles.


Writing, reading, composing music, roller skating, racket sports, and automotive repair.


University of Phoenix

TA attended the University of Phoenix and obtained her associate degree in psychology in 2010.


2,032 Projects Completed

TA enjoys writing about relationships. The subject matter of her blog posts and articles consist of relationship repair tactics and advice for recovery. She has answered questions online for people who needed help and provided a wealth of articles on the web.


1,363 Projects Completed

TA has written thousands of articles in the health, in which she focused mostly on emotional health and fitness. She has a degree in psychology as well as personal experience with others who had been exposed to various trauma. Most of the pieces were for marketing companies, but some of them were for personal blogs


1,234 Projects Completed

TA has written thousands of articles in the finance field. Her expertise in this field is in payday loans, title loans, credit cards, debt consolidation, bankruptcy, and debt recovery. She has written pieces related to helping people find their way out of debt to helping people to obtain cash. Her knowledge and experience are extensive in this category as she has personal knowledge and textbook knowledge.


1,008 Projects Completed

TA has written thousands of articles in the electronics field. Her expertise is in cell phones, software applications, accessories, plans, and general technology. She has written pieces ranging from product descriptions and blogs to reviews of phones that she has used. Her knowledge and experience are extensive in this category.


915 Projects Completed

Employment-related blogs and articles such as employment law, career guidance, job descriptions, and more.


504 Projects Completed

The writer has created blogs, articles, and landing pages in the lifestyle category. The topics covered included fitness tips, beauty product information, modern fashion trends, how to implement lifestyle changes, steps for achieving personal goals, etc. Some articles discussed traveling plans and how to get discounts on major traveling expenses.


223 Projects Completed

Specialized in writing automotive-related landing pages, blogs, conquest comparisons, promotional articles, and specification pages.


55 Projects Completed

The writer has crafted many articles in the fitness realm. Article topics included weight-loss strategies, tips for preparing yourself for a physically strenuous job, advice for strengthening your legs and flattening your belly, etc. The writer has also written landing pages for health supplement providers, nutritional consultants, and physical fitness centers.


10,848 Projects Completed

Wrote thousands of articles in the fields of finance, health, consumer electronics, automotive, employment, and more.

Blog Post

1,192 Projects Completed

Blogs for consumers looking for financial services and products.

Web Page

1,094 Projects Completed

Wrote single-page and multiple-page projects for various car dealerships, medical institutions, financial organizations, and more

Landing Page

107 Projects Completed

Wrote various landing pages for car dealership and personal finance lenders.

Email Copy

100 Projects Completed

Wrote business-related emails and marketing emails to grab attention


10 Projects Completed

The writer has written and published 10 ebooks of 30,000 words or less in self-help, personal growth, and spirituality. The books successfully sold and ranked in the top 10 while they were available. The writer is willing to perform the necessary research and create eBooks that branch out into other categories and topics.

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