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Kendrick P
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Kendrick studied journalism while completing his undergraduate studies. While attending graduate school he began to look for avenues to expand his experience and expertise outside of academic writing. Working as a freelance reporter for various small publications around Upstate New York and web outlets he began to cover local events and interest pieces. After the recession began further attempts to expand his marketability as a writer and professional led Kendrick to work with and write for a number of online publications and small, local print publications. Serving as a journalist and copywriter by turns helped familiarize Kendrick with the process necessary to produce clean, focused copy that speaks to readers.

Spending nine months running the web presence of a small technology company brought greater experience in copywriting, editing, social media management, SEO best practices and interaction with other media outlets while promoting work. After moving on to new opportunities Kendrick began working with several start ups in various spheres such as politics, music and the environment. While none of these web based publications flourished further experience gained acting as a writer and editor for various entities has proven invaluable.

Continuing to write for himself, friends and customers Kendrick works constantly to hone his craft and remain cognizant of the latest practices and trends associated with successful writing in the evolving digital era. A breadth of experience has created an adaptable writing style capable of meeting any stylistic requirements. Never content with good enough, he works tirelessly to surpass previous standards of success while remaining professional in an extremely competitive marketplace.
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