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Steph O
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Joined 1/17/2023
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With a wealth of experience, a strong educational foundation, and a passion for the written word, Steph is an exceptional freelance writer who brings expertise, versatility, and professionalism to any project she undertakes.

Steph honed her skills in analysis, content creation, and engaging readers by running a book blog for over a decade. She conducted and published interviews with award-winning authors, wrote thoughtful reviews, built a community, and coordinated with industry professionals on marketing campaigns. These skills are essential to her work as a writer. She has ghostwritten blogs and social media posts on diverse topics ranging from business to music and fashion with a client list that includes individuals, businesses, and even an internationally recognized musician. She spent three years in film industry roles that involved writing script coverage, writer notes, actor bios, and press kits. This exposure provided her with a well-rounded understanding of the industry and the ability to adapt her writing to different formats and purposes.

Not only does Steph have a demonstrated ability to meet customer needs, but she is exceptionally skilled in research. With a Bachelor's degree in Communication, a Master of Education, and an MFA in Creative Writing, she has spent considerable time on academic writing using both MLA and APA citations. She specializes in applied research: breaking down dense peer-reviewed journal articles in order to find the essential information that will impact real-world practice. The MFA program allowed her to expand her knowledge beyond writing itself, exploring the realms of branding, marketing, and their application to the writing industry.

On a personal note, Steph has written manuscripts across various genres, including young adult, mystery, and romance, and is actively seeking representation. With a powerful combination of education, experience, and passion, Steph is a versatile and accomplished freelance writer who delivers consistently exceptional work.
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