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Jo earned her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology at Asbury University in Wilmore, KY. She has produced thousands of articles and blog posts on a variety of topics ranging from small business marketing to SEO to software coding to consumer credit advice! She has also produced numerous white papers on subjects including controlled substance legislation, real estate and new media marketing.

She is also a content writer as well as an SEO and social media consultant at New England Multimedia. As a content writer, she strives to provide the highest quality content to all clients with the goal of showcasing the unique aspects of their business. With years of experience in SEO writing and research, her clients benefit from the knowledge of a professional writer who is always a step ahead of the latest trends in SEO. In addition to her work at New England Multimedia, she creates advertising copy and other content as a freelance writer.

Before working as a content writer, Jo was a research and teaching assistant in the Asbury University Department of Psychology as well as a freelance grant writer. She created scientific research papers at a peer review level and drafted several research proposals. As a professional grant writer, she secured funding for meaningful philanthropic efforts by drafting strong letters of inquiry as well as in-depth grant proposals.

Jo hopes to use her extensive and eclectic experience as a professional writer in various fields to create content that is engaging and satisfying to both readers and clients!


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Industry Projects

  • Marketing500+
  • Search Marketing500+
  • Garden50+
  • Legal10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Jo has written over one thousand articles on the topic of marketing. Her specialties include small business marketing strategies, social media marketing, and general internet marketing campaigns. She has produced marketing content for a variety of industries ranging from web development to gardening to retail. She strongly believes that persuasive marketing content reflects both in-depth industry knowledge and a passion for business!

Search Marketing

Jo has worked on both sides of the SEO industry as a content writer and as an analyst. She stays current on all the latest trends in SEO so her clients don't have to! She tailors her search marketing strategies depending on client needs, giving attention to detail, local search competition and keyword density.


Jo has written numerous articles covering all aspects of gardening from the best way to purchase bedding plants to fertilizer brands and more! She has years of experience running successful home gardens and giving planting tips and advice to new gardeners. Her areas of specialty include fertilizer, roses, sustainable vegetable gardens, and Eco-friendly gardening.


Jo has worked as a legal content writer for the past three years. Her areas of expertise include business and commercial law, family and estate law, personal injury law and torts. She has worked with one of the oldest and most established legal publishing agencies in the country to create highly informative and engaging white papers on these topics among other areas of the law.

Product Projects

  • Article500+
  • Twitter Post100+

Summary of Product Experience


Jo produces informational articles on topics ranging from lifestyle and health to automotives and travel. She specializes in creating concise overviews that are easily understood and search engine optimized. Some of her recent articles covered drug rehabilitation programs, auto reviews, and gardening tips.

Twitter Post

Tristan works with her small business clients to create meaningful content in bite-sized pieces. Twitter is a great way to connect with your audience and build relationships with new clients, but most business owners simply don't have the time. Tristan specializes in researching each client's business to produce Tweets that accurately reflect the spirit of their brand.

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