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Lynn has earned a degree from the Institute of Children Literature in Redding Ridge, Connecticut, and has written for over twenty-five years. She has published two fiction books (one print and e-book and another e-book) and written many articles on various subjects from personal finance to mental health issues, and had published short stories and essays both online and in print. She maintains a website and two blogs, as well as puts out a monthly newsletter. She also maintained a health and wellness newsletter for a former employer. She has over thirty years of first hand experience with agriculture in various aspects. She also has six years experience in the mental health field and some in the legal field. Her philosophy is that good writing is a terrible thing to waste. Good writing conveys knowledge and entertainment which is the key that opens the gate to the world. Writing professionally full time is her way to share that key.


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Lynn has written a personal profile for Up North Woman Magazine on women in business. She has also covered a number of subjects online ranging from budgeting to understanding family finances and the importance of women having a credit rating and something financially for themselves.

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