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"Joanna is an amazing writer who nails exactly what we want for every article. She has a witty, engaging, and well researched writing."

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With 100 percent positive client feedback over nearly 800 Writer Access assignments, Joanna H. creates original, compelling, informative and engaging content for a comprehensive range of industries.

She has worked for more than 20 years as a writer, editor and researcher for markets including publishing (books, magazines, and the web), fashion and beauty, food and nutrition, technical, academia across all disciplines, development and alumni relations, grant writing, travel, parenting, home and health and wellness.

Joanna H. received her B.A. in The Writing Seminars from Johns Hopkins University, followed by an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Cornell University.

Joanna H. has a lifelong love of the written word, and is committed to writing as more than a job -- but as a craft. She believes that writing is a collaborative process, and is always happy to work with clients toward achieving the perfect final product.

Joanna H. looks forward to putting the right words to work for you!
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Joanna H. specializes in creating compelling and efficient prose across all genres. She loves fashion and interior design, and particularly enjoys writing on these subjects as related to current trends.

Joanna H. is also an avid fan of pop culture and celebrity watching, but she's just as comfortable analyzing the latest mobile marketing trends as she is discussing what Jennifer Lawrence wore to last night's awards show.

Since joining the Writer Access team, Joanna H. has expanded her expertise into the fields of social media marketing, medical and business topics. She consistently holds top 10 WA rankings in multiple disciplines.

Most recently, Joanna H. has largely focused her writing efforts on the areas of health, wellness and the healthcare industry, crafting articles on everything from neuroplasticity to the impact of the Baby Boomers on the emerging healthcare system.


Joanna H. has loved the craft of writing since she was a young child. She loves getting lost in a good book, but enjoys watching television just as much. She enjoys cooking, eating, playing with her kids, and writing about anything and everything from fashion to education to tech.


The Johns Hopkins University

As an undergraduate student at Johns Hopkins, Joanna H. studied all forms of writing--ranging from professional to creative genres.

Cornell University

While a graduate student at Cornell University, Joanna H. studied creative writing. Additionally, she was an editor of the school's literary magazine, and participated in a rigorous "teaching writing" program.

Home Living

572 Projects Completed

Joanna H. offers a lifetime love of interior design and a devotion to the craft of writing. As a frequent reader of and contributor to design blogs and magazines, she is an authority on all of the latest trends and offerings in home living.

Joanna H. has written decor and interior design pieces on a broad range of subjects including green building and architecture, eco-friendly trends, contemporary design, celebrity and luxury homes, and color and fashion trends, including fabrics, upholstery, and paint colors.

In addition to editorial work, Joanna H. has expanded into copywriting for interior design. From office furniture to cutting edge contemporary design, Joanna H. regularly creates product descriptions, marketing materials and catalog copy that sells.


409 Projects Completed

Joanna H. has written on fashion for publications including Baltimore Magazine, as well as copywriting for catalogs and the internet. Whatever the subject matter, she puts her keen eye and sharp writing skills to work crafting original and compelling copy.

As a copywriter, Joanna H. was responsible for all web and catalog copy for a popular children's clothing and accessories retailer offering a wide range of products from clothes, shoes, hair accessories, jewelry, and gear.

Additionally, Joanna H. has written (or ghost-written) a number of trend-focused fashion and beauty pieces on everything from the season's hottest colors to the top three wardrobe must-haves.


358 Projects Completed

Joanna has successfully expanded her portfolio to include writing about marketing. From best branding techniques to the use of social media, marketing in 2013 is vastly different than it was even five years ago. She enjoys creating content that helps businesses learn more about how to enhance their brand and market it for success. In addition to blog posts and website content, Joanna H. has also written numerous case studies.


334 Projects Completed

Having worked in academia for many years--both in the administration and as an instructor--Joanna brings a unique understanding of the field. She stays apprised of the latest developments in education--from grade schools through higher ed. Whether you're in need of an article or a marketing piece, Joanna can quickly craft the content you need to reach your audience in the optimal way.


287 Projects Completed

Having worked as a writer at the top rated hospital in the country for many years, Joanna combines a unique skillset with rare knowledge of the field. From writing fundraising proposals to content for your medical practice, she can bring your writing project to life on the page.


274 Projects Completed

As a former staff writer for the popular Bravo-owned website Television Without Pity, Joanna H. wrote witty and informative recaps on a variety of television programs including Survivor and The O.C. These recaps were in-depth recaps of programs, combined with insightful review aspects. They had a large and devoted reading audience.


218 Projects Completed

A true foodie, Joanna loves reading and writing about food, including the latest industry advancements and trends. She has written website and marketing materials for companies in the food industry, as well as articles and blog entries about food and wine.


179 Projects Completed

A lifetime love affair with beauty products makes Joanna an enthusiastic expert on the subject. She has written hundreds of product descriptions, blog posts, and editorial pieces related to the beauty industry, and stays up on all of the latest news and trends.


114 Projects Completed

Joanna H. not only loves traveling, she loves writing about travel as well. She has written across a number of travel-related genres, ranging from promotional pieces for travel companies, hotels and ski resorts to blog posts directed at budget-conscious college travelers.

Non Profit

109 Projects Completed

Having worked in the field of development and alumni relations for over 20 years, Joanna H. brings a unique understanding to researching and writing for non-profit organizations.

Writing projects have included annual appeal letters, letters of inquiry, website copy, direct mail, invitations, speeches, event scripts, formal fundraising proposals, donor profiles, and grant writing.


55 Projects Completed

Joanna has written many articles focused on how people can live better through understanding their personal finances. Whether writing about how to get the best mortgage rates or assessing the benefits of personal finance management tools like Mint, she offers compelling and accessible information for the public.


54 Projects Completed

As a mom, writer and researcher Joanna H. has a particular interest in writing about kids and families. Busy parents rely on easy access to critical information. She prides herself on delivering the data parents need to know in a helpful and compelling way.

Joanna H. has written on fashion trends in the kids clothing and accessories retail market, budget-friendly places for shop for gear and bedding; and general health topics related to children and moms.

Blog Post

2,305 Projects Completed

Joanna H. has ghostwritten numerous blog items for a wide range of audiences and genres. She prides herself on meeting each client's need in an efficient and natural way. Subjects have included style, beauty, finance, medical, academia, parenting, travel, and many others. Recent blog posts have covered everything from the best jeans for every figure to green traveling to top colleges.

Product Description

460 Projects Completed

Joanna H. has written thousands of product descriptions on everything from health and wellness products to home and office furniture to clothing and accessories for women, men and children.

The best product descriptions are simultaneously compelling and informative, inspiring potential shoppers to make educated purchases that keep them coming back for more.

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