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The author has experience in writing product reviews, blog posts, landing pages, and creative writing. SEO writing and real estate reviews are her favorite articles to write. The author has a Bachelor's in Business Management. The writer has been published twice in poetry publications. She has been writing creatively for over thirty years.
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SEO content, neighborhood reviews, product reviews, race reviews, marketing, and creative.


Reading, writing, listening to music, and writing articles are the hobbies that the author enjoys. Her family is a homeschooled family that works and stays at home most of the time. Her expertise with disabilities, educating children, and business help her with her writing assignments. Writing , for her is a lifestyle and not just a hobby.


University of Phoenix

She has studied general management rather than specializing in order to meet her lifelong goal of owning her own online fashion design company that specializes in latex-free clothing. She has been a writer for over thirty years, and recently, she has begun working as a freelance writer online. She has been homeschooling her children for the last 11 years.


598 Projects Completed

The author has written many different automotive articles including: race reviews, product reviews, business connections, parts blogs, informational content, website content, landing pages, and promotional marketing blogs about automobiles.


434 Projects Completed

Articles for website content, blog posts, product reviews, landing pages, movie reviews, and news stories have been written over time by this author. She has also written articles on management, marketing, and human resources in business. Creative writing, product reviews, and race accounts have been her best graded works.


87 Projects Completed

The author experiences some major health issues so she is knowledged and versed in medical terms and procedures. This experience allows her to show sympathy and empathy if needed in her writing.


1,266 Projects Completed

The writer has been writing full time since November 2012. She has been a part time writer for over thirty years.

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253 Projects Completed

Writer has completed hundreds of product descriptions for various companies and clients over the past year. Products have included vehicles, NASCAR, clothing, Rolex watches, multi-million dollar homes, real estate, training courses, and job descriptions.

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