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Within the past two years the writings of Jacob C. have drastically improved. As of January 2012 he signed up to work for a website company that provided the opportunity for him to become a online author. Over the course of the written journey Jacob C has become familiar with writing articles that are keyword driven and, although physically limited, has been known to write 1000 word articles within a day’s time, all one-handed. His can do attitude has brought about the philosophy that nothing ever comes to those who don’t make things happen, especially in the realm of earning money. Jacob C. also highly motivated when it comes to writing articles. Since he began writing articles he has had a perfect acceptance rating with a single company and is also good at writing in general. Even though there is a perfect acceptance rate that is still currently in continuation there have been articles that have not turned out as well as he had hoped they would. These articles in no way affected the perfect acceptance streak but have increased the knowledge that he has gained simply from writing in this particular style. Outside of the time that is spent writing articles Jacob C is currently a student through the Full Sail Online Program where he is currently in his second year and working on his Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing in Entertainment. Upon graduation Jacob C. will have the skills and knowledge of writing scripts for tv shows, movies, and games..


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Industry Projects

  • Sports3

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Jacob C has written some sports articles with an emphasis on practice drills that have been conducted in many different team practice sessions. Other sports articles that Jacob C has written include articles about various workout routines for men as well as one specific sports article on the history of American football.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Product Description100+

Summary of Product Experience


Since Jacob C started writing content articles back in the early part of 2012 Jacob c has become proficient in writing under specific deadlines that include a given set of instructions provided by the client. Furthermore, Jacob C has mastered the art of writing SEO based content and mostly considers himself to be an expert in this area of writing.

Product Description

Aside from writing SEO based content articles many of the articles that Jacob C has written come in the form of a client simply asking for a review on a single (or multiple products) within the same article. These type of articles have ranged from technological based products (such as laptops and other related products) to clothing items and shoes and nearly everything else in between.

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