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Bob S is passionate about words. From an early age he was reading anything he could get his hands on, up to and including the small print on food packages. This love of reading has continued throughout his life, and morphed into a love of writing. He figures that people should love to read, no matter what the subject, and puts that love into his work.

His interests in reading are wide and varied, stretching from humor to crime, Science Fiction to History, with everything in between. His work experience has been equally varied, starting as a computer programmer after leaving college with a major in Modern History, switching to computer support and, after emigrating to the United States from the United Kingdom, working as a Data Analyst for a multi-product telemarketing firm. He learned that to provide the best IT support for any business you needed to know how they operated at every level, and loved to learn everything there was to an industry, both for business and personal use. Businesses supported have been spread across almost every industry, including equipment manufacturers and maintainers, hospitals, public utilities and charities.

An avid researcher, and educator, Bob wrote many idiot-proof user and training manuals for the companies he worked for. In his spare time he also worked on several books, one of which, a Science Fiction novel, has been published in several countries, with another, a Murder Mystery, due to be released in the summer. His work is always easy to read, no matter the subject, with compulsive attention to detail and accuracy.

Considered by some to be a genius, thanks to his eidetic memory and desire to learn everything he can, Bob S is confident that any work placed before him will educate him, and his readers, and that anything he does not know, he soon will.


Bob S can write in any style that is required, even producing a few legal documents in the past. However, his main style is conversational, easy to read and follow. This applies to novels, training documents, product reviews and social media posts.


Bob S's first love is reading, and any book, fact or fiction, regardless of subject, will be given a fair chance, and undoubtedly devoured and reread at a later date. Even subjects that are not his top preferences (such as Western and Romance) will still get a look, although military history, crime and science fiction are his true passions. He is known to war-game and role-play, draw, play strategy computer games, as well as listen to a variety of music, from rock to classical. He enjoys learning, and spreading his knowledge, and is passionate about the environment.


Queen Mary's College

Bob S attended Queen Mary's College not quite sure where his work career would start. Playing it safe, he chose Computers (everyone uses them now), Math (good proof of analytical skills) and History (the lessons of history can be applied to the present and future). This skill set gave him many different options, which was invaluable when career changes were necessary in the future.


100 Projects Completed

Bob has written countless training documents and manuals for the various companies he worked for. Using only the assumption that the user could use a mouse and keyboard, he wrote these manuals in such a simple, easy to use, step by step format that anyone would be able to read and understand the product. This led to him having to write business reports as well, summarizing key service and financial information in an easy to understand format.


20 Projects Completed

As a father and step-father, Bob S has seen the Kids/Family world from the inside, through good times and bad. Personal experience and countless hours of research into all aspects of this "industry" allow him to be knowledgeable about many things, and that which he does not know in depth, he will endeavor to learn well enough to sound like an expert. He particularly focuses on bullying, and how to identify and prevent it, along with ways to cope and repair the psychological damage.


18 Projects Completed

Bob S has plenty of 'Other' experience, from the knowledge picked up in his various careers, to the research done for writing projects (and for fun). While not the most elegant way to format this, a list of skills and knowledge sets are shown below:
Computer Software
Computer Hardware Support
Sales and Marketing
Military History (particularly WWII)
Military Tactics (various eras)
World Political History (post 1945)
Data Entry/Data Collation/Data Reporting
American Currency (Present and historical)
World History
Medieval Agriculture
Medieval Manufacturing
Medieval Ship Building
Construction (various eras)
Homeland Security
Building Security
Call Center Operations
Space Travel/Space Technologies
Recycling and Green Technologies

This list is not all inclusive, and Bob S has shown, with a little research, he can become expert enough in any subject to convince a layman of his knowledge.


7 Projects Completed

Bob has two novels published so far, the first being a Science Fiction action and suspense saga called Prison Scorpion. This is set in the future on a remote planetoid, with a group of political prisoners wanting to escape and spread the word about the brutality of the government. It took Bob about a year to put this together, and he has followed this with his second novel, titled Serial Blogger, a gripping serial killer mystery.


3 Projects Completed

Bob S has no published works in this industry, but through more than a decade of providing software support to manufacturing firms, as well as hands on experience in a variety of environments, this has given him a wide knowledge of the industry. With his proven skills as an author, he has the ability to translate this knowledge into any type of written work about the industry.


2 Projects Completed

While Bob S does not have any published works relating to Office work, he has spent more than 15 years working in a variety of office environments. The vast majority of this time was spent providing technical support to people working in all aspects of the office environment. This has shown him some of the best and worst that office life can bring, which coupled with his writing skills would allow him to write about almost any office topic.


13 Projects Completed

Bob S loves to read, and wants others to love it too. With this in mind, he has approached writing with the aim of producing novels with many different styles and subjects, to appeal to a wider audience. He knows that the best way to keep someone reading is to have a light, easy flowing style, which coupled with fascinating plots, draws the reader to the enjoyable conclusion.

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