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John S. earned a Bachelor's degree in Social Science from Thomas Edison State College. He also has NJ teaching certificates for teaching High School Psychology, Middle School Science, Grade School and Early Childhood. He has worked as a Science Teacher for the largest New Jersey public school system and also has taught special education.

He has written on topics of education, science and health for content sites, and has also written one book on the subject of ADHD, that has been reviewed favorably and received well by the public. Additionally he has produced another recently released book (presently an eBook) on the subject of Bipolar Disorder.

Mr. S. has written many press releases for a variety of clients, including high-end real estate agencies, construction companies and the banking industry.

He enjoys writing on a variety of subjects, with the focus on education, science, health and mental health. He has a Graduate or Doctorate level of knowledge on the subject of psychology and has also recently edited a book on the subject of schizophrenia.

John S. has a good knowledge of SEO and was contracted to successfully bring a website from the sixth page of a Google on two high volume key words to the first page within five months. A variety of SEO methods were used, both onsite, as well as through creating external article content and link building, all white hat.

John S.'s personal philosophy in writing and in using the Internet as a communication tool or small business and business platform has developed over the past four or five years. Integrity and high ethics in all aspects of writing, as well as high quality are the hallmarks of long-term success.

John S.'s writing experience has been writing articles on education, science, health and mental health. He has written or edited a total of hundreds of articles for a NJ non-profit of which he is an active member, as well as for several sites similar to Access Writer. He has also written approximately 50 published press releases. He has experience in editing on the subject of psychology, mental health and medical topics.


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Industry Projects

  • Health50+
  • Non Profit20+
  • Self Help20+
  • Education20+
  • Medical20+
  • Kids/Family20+
  • Hobby20+
  • Science20+
  • Craft10+
  • Business10+
  • Garden10+
  • Music10+
  • Nutrition8
  • Government5
  • Technology5
  • Women4
  • Green Living2

Summary of Industry Experience


John S.'s book on ADHD and a second book produced, edited and partly written by John S. on bipolar disorder have both sold well and the book on ADHD is distributed through major publishing channels. Mr. S. has also written many articles on health topics for two content writing websites. Some of his articles on health have been later purchased on one content writing website.

Non Profit

Mr. S.'s experience in writing for non-profits has been in the form of writing SEO articles for the purpose of publicity and higher ranking in search engines, as well as several articles for specific non-profits for a content writing website.

Self Help

Mr. S. has written content and commission writing on self help for mental health. He produced and contributed to a book on bipolar disorder self help which is scheduled for publication in 2013.


Mr. S. has written numerous articles on the subject of education for a major content writing website and has also written extensively as a free lance writer for commissioned articles, and for a national non-profit with which he is associated.


Mr. S. has written numerous articles with medical themes for a content writing website, as well as one book on the topic of ADHD, which includes technical medical information. He has recently completed editing a book on schizophrenia, and has written an introduction, as well as approximately five chapters for a book on bipolar disorder.


Mr. S. has written articles on children and family for a content writing website, as well as for a national non-profit corporation with which he is associated. He has also written several articles on children and family that were later purchased by several different clients of a different content writing website. His book on ADHD is geared towards parents and teachers for helping children, and it has received positive reviews from Midwest Book Reviews, among other book reviewers.


John S. has written many articles for a content writing website on arts and crafts as well as other hobbies. He has also produced and edited articles on the subject of poetry, written by professionals in that field.


John S. has produced content on various science topics, stemming from his experience in studying and teaching Middle School Science.


Mr. S. has written a number of articles on arts and crafts for a major content writing website. He enjoys doing arts and crafts himself, so writes from personal experience as well as from research.


John S. has written numerous press releases for high-end real estate agencies, the banking industry, as well as for small construction and numerous other businesses.


Mr. S. has written numerous articles on subjects related to gardening for two recognizable content writing websites.


Mr. S. has written several articles on music psychology for a non-profit organization with which he is affiliated, as well as research on music for an international non-profit. He has also written numerous articles on music, approaching the topic from a number of angles, for a recognizable content writing website.


Mr. S. has completed various articles on the topic of nutrition for a content writing website. He has studied exercise and nutrition for his own interest as well as from the viewpoint of a writer offering advice to clients, parents from the standpoint of an educators, and the public in general.


Mr. S. has written several articles on government for a recognizable content writing website. Articles that Mr. S. has written include topics such as public housing, federal and state grants and government property laws


Mr. S. has written several articles on IT and is familiar with many current IT topics. He can write in journalistic or other style.


John S. has written a number of articles on women, including a 500 word articles on women's health and on the international abuse of women, as well as other articles related to women's health.

Green Living

Mr. S. has written about green living for a major content writing website. One of his articles on Green Therapy was published in Mind, Body and Spirit.

Product Projects

  • Article100+
  • Press Release20+
  • Book4
  • Presentation1

Summary of Product Experience


Mr. S.'s experience in article writing covers a broad range of topics, with a focus on science, education and parenting, He has written for several online companies, and has had articles on psychology published for use print magazines also. Articles by Mr. S. have also been purchased for online content on the subject of psychology, parenting and other diverse topics.

Press Release

John S. has written press releases for a variety of companies, including high-end real estate, family run construction companies, national banks, educational programs, non-profits, and a documentary production company.


John S. has written a book for a NJ non-profit on the subject of ADHD that has been well-received by the press, professional peers and public. It is currently available for national distribution in book and eBook form and has been translated and is available in Spanish.

He has also edited a book on the subject of schizophrenia recently, written by a college professor with a PhD in psychology, that is scheduled for publication as a nationally distributed eBook by September 2013.

Mr. S. has also produced and contributed to a self help book on bipolar disorder, edited by a recognized research psychologist, and scheduled for release as a nationally distributed eBook and POD paperback in 2013.

Other works include a compilation of poetry and biography of Nobel Prize winning author Rabindranath Tagore, from India, which is available today as a self-published work and has sold consistently since its release.


Mr. S. has produced a one-hour PowerPoint Presentation on the subject of innovative mental health treatment and self help that has received positive feedback from the professional community.

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