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Jeanne G. is an award-winning direct and internet marketer and a writer specializing in business, education, home and garden, and addiction and recovery topics. Niches she especially enjoys writing about include direct and digital marketing, small business and entrepreneurship, equestrian and horse care, and addiction and recovery topics.Her writing has been published in national magazines, journals and newspapers, and she is the author of several non-fiction books on business, hobbies and gardening. She holds an M.A. in writing and an Master of Science degree in direct and interactive marketing.


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  • Marketing100+
  • Business100+
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  • Search Marketing50+
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Jeanne led marketing departments for major non profit and for profit companies in the New York City area for over a decade. She is considered an expert on SEO, direct mail marketing, and digital marketing, and frequently teaches seminars on these topics. She holds an Master of Science degree in direct and interactive marketing from New York University and is the winner of the Lester Wunderman Award of Excellence in Direct Marketing.


Jeanne has over 20 years of business experience and five years of entrepreneurship experience. She earned pre-MBA certification from Auburn University.


Jeanne is a Master Gardener intern and led marketing for an upscale garden center on Long Island. She has written dozens of articles on all aspects of gardening, writes a successful gardening blog, and is the author of a gardening book for beginners.

Search Marketing

Jeanne is the SEO writer on call for many marketing agencies, writing search engine optimized websites, articles and blog posts for their clients. She taught SEO seminars at a major global publisher's offices in New York City and has written many articles on the topic.


Jeanne writes with clarity, compassion and empathy about alcoholism, drug addiction, and food addictions. She also writes about mental health issues.

Product Projects

  • Newsletter Content10+
  • Press Release5

Summary of Product Experience

Newsletter Content

Jeanne has written newsletters for dental offices and dentists, vitamin and alternative health products companies, hobby supply companies and marketing agencies. She volunteers as the editor of her local Virginia Master Gardener newsletter, providing editorial guidance to the other writers and writing several feature articles each quarter for the educational publication. Her newsletters nearly always have a higher open and click rate than the industry average.

Press Release

Jeanne has completed press releases for the opening of a new hotel, a book author, marketing agencies and a dentist's office. During her corporate career, she wrote press releases for a major university and non profit organization,

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