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Linda R. writes press releases. She also writes articles for websites on a variety of topics, including education, technology, sports, photography and science. She has a special interest in history and how-to photography. She does thorough research leading up to the writing her articles, She uses authoritative sources, Since contradictory facts seem to be present everywhere, Linda R. always looks for a second, corroborating source for a fact before including it in an article.

Though Linda R. welcomes requests general-interest articles and media releases, she writes in many genres and has written hundreds of articles and news releases.


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Industry Projects

  • Other50+
  • Sports20+
  • Health20+
  • Home Living10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Linda R. knows how to research articles and interview subjects. She also has an excellent command of film and digital camera techniques, having taken photos with film and digital cameras for articles and for events. Some of her photos have appeared on the covers of magazines.

She also likes to write about unusual topics. For example, she's published a piece about the dung beetle, an insect that helps the environment by eating the excrements of animals. And she has published a piece about a house that is built in the shape of a shoe.


Linda R. likes sports.Today she is mainly a spectator, although she still does bike for pleasure. Since she has attended two summer Olympic Games, readers can assume that she likes most sports. Whether writing an article about a new product for athletes or writing a profile of Serena Williams, the business and human interest of sports catches her eye.


Linda R. writes health articles about treatments for diseases and the signs and symptoms of them. Her articles are based on authoritative sources, which may be medical journals and/or reputable popular sources.

Home Living

Linda R. has written how-to articles about small in-home projects for websites. As a teenager, her father made her his helper for his repair projects. As a result, she knows how to use many tools.

Product Projects

  • Article100+
  • Press Release100+
  • Presentation9

Summary of Product Experience


Linda R. has written articles for print media and websites. Her intent is to inform through
accurate articles. Although she has special interests, there are few topics she would not want to write about at a client's request.

Press Release

Linda R. writes press releases/media releases for websites, newspapers,magazines and television outlets. Since the aim of a press release is to get publicity for an event, individual or cause, contact information for the client is included in the press release, of course. However, the news release must be as brief as possible while also crammed with information. In this time of the popularity of Twitter, no screener will plow through lengthly written matter.


Meetings and weddings re just two occasions in need of a presentation.Linda R. writes them with a focus on what the presenter wants the audience to take away and the makeup of the audience, among other considerations.The presentations she writes can be a short wedding toast of a longer set of remarks for a conference.

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