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As Jimi Hendrix asked, "Have you ever been experienced? Well, I have." London has published work in print and online: in periodicals, newsletters, fiction anthologies, reviews, NPR radio, performance spaces, websites, promotional/marketing/product descriptions, and journalism.

Let her show you how she can drive business to build your brand.

Excite the audience's attention with content composed in a clear, conversational tone based upon a foundation of research, experience, and investigation. London R. is committed to captivating your fans in service of placing your message in the limelight.
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London takes pride in working with B2B clients, helping them share their brand with content that snaps, crackles, and pops. Combining solid research skills, SEO-rich language, and a soupcon of wit, your message reaches your fans. Topics of experience and expertise include the Arts, Culture, Media, Lifestyle, Fashion, Holistic Living, Hospitality/Travel, Spirituality, CBD/Cannabis, Self-Help, and Humor/Comedic Writing.

Outlaws, renegades, and iconoclasts, here is your author who gets you and your brand. Receive the respect, honor, and understanding that is your due.


London's interests include the classic introvert favorites, plus several extrovert outliners: reading, meditation, museum-attendance, film & theatre-going, concerts (classical, jazz, blues, Americana/roots), crafting bath and body botanical products, refurbishing antique finds, home cooking adventures, volunteering with the library summer reading program, plus traveling, dancing and hiking thrown in for good measure.


Portland State University

The Post-baccalaureate Certificate focuses upon the study, analysis, and history of gender, race, class, and intersectionality of identity through workshops, reading, and lectures. Plus, we learned real-world skills such as consensus-building and balancing a cocktail plate and a glass of white wine while standing up and holding a civilized conversation.

The University of Texas at Austin

Attained a Bachelor of Science, College of Communication, majoring in Radio, Television, and Film.

Portland State University

Bachelor of Science in Arts and Letters, Magna Cum Laude, Portland State University. Course Work towards Masters, Creative Writing, 4.0-grade point.


351 Projects Completed

It's a crowded field out there; stand above and beyond your competitors by employing humor to gather accolades and earn your evangelicals' loyalty. Make your brand memorable with wit. London creates content crafted with insight, irony, imagery, wordplay, and fun facts to gets your brand noticed.


112 Projects Completed

The best entertainment writing engages, excites, and inspires; it touches and stimulates the mind and emotions. With extensive experience writing on media, entertainment, and the arts, including film, video books, dance, painting/sculpture, and music, London creates content that involves your fans, building your brand, and showcasing you as an authority.


87 Projects Completed

Move your audience with writing that captures the energy and excitement of your musical soundscape. Give your evangelicals something to sing about with the 411 about your band or brand.

London's sound experience and areas of note include writing on classical, jazz, blues, ambient/new age, rock, and Americana, crafting interviews, promotion/marketing, bios, reviews, articles, and blog posts. Music is one of life's great joys, and London helps you share that joy with your fanboys.


60 Projects Completed

London rolls up content that is written in an authorial tone to complement your brand. Send out smoke signals to excite fanboys and fangirls with fact-based, meticulously-researched, and compelling copy concerning all things CBD/Cannabis.


59 Projects Completed

Food for thought: your audience of eager epicureans, gastronomical groupies, and foody fanatics is hungry for fresh content on topics ranging from organic food production, trending eateries, to-go delivery services, unusual recipes, and fun food trucks. London writes to feed your fans' imaginations, seduce their palates, and tickle their fancies.


53 Projects Completed

Build your brand by sharing content with your evangelicals that aids them in enhancing their lifestyle choices. It's not just about a product or service; it's sharing information that builds and enriches your community. London creates content to engage, inform, and educate your fans and friends and amaze your audience.


53 Projects Completed

London brings the knowledge gained from writing and publishing as a journalist, staff writer, blogger, and creative fiction/non-fiction author. Working on the editorial board of a literary press, she understands the editorial and creative sides of publishing, enjoying connections with the publishing community, and keeping up with the latest publishing trends.

Writing in a range of tones, from academic to conversational, London creates work that speaks to your audience, bringing energy, experience, and exciting information to your publishing content.


51 Projects Completed

Travel is a goal, reward, and lifestyle. It is much more than reaching a destination; it's the self-knowledge gained on the journey, immersion into diverse cultures, and personal growth.
London has traveled throughout Europe, Mexico, Belize, Canada, and the United States. She is excited and delighted to help your hospitality/travel service take off with your fans and evangelicals, reaching new goals.


30 Projects Completed

Get cooking with tasty blog posts, articles, recipes, and reviews that excite and engage your evangelicals. London creates unique content for your brand, based upon ingredients such as research, respect for diverse cultures, and experiments and experiences in wining and dining.


27 Projects Completed

London aids you in sharing your passion for fashion. Capture the beauty and drama of style with material that highlights your sense of sartorial flair. Set the stage with sensational copy that inspires evangelicals, devotees, fans, and followers to get wrapped up in your brand!


27 Projects Completed

Help your fans create their happily-ever-after by forging strong and healthy connections. Crafting content built upon research, statistics, case studies, and insight, London delivers writing uniting your evangelicals in enjoying relationships that fulfill their needs, illustrating that they are better together.

Green Living

26 Projects Completed

Grow your brand with material that nurtures your organic living brand or service. London creates content that informs, educates, and engages your evangelicals. Go, Team Green!

CBD Products

26 Projects Completed

Better living without chemistry. London helps you to share the narrative of how your CBD-based product or service naturally enhances your evangelicals' lifestyles!


25 Projects Completed

What do "The 7 Best Films Depicting Lesbians on Netflix," a Patti Smith profile, "Hustler" and "Penthouse," erotica, and "How to Select a Male Escort" have in common? They are works by London R. that explore gender, sexuality, and the intersectionality of identity in articles, short stories, and blog posts.

Self Help

15 Projects Completed

"I do believe in self-help." -- Clint Eastwood

"I dislike the word 'self-help.' Self-awareness, yes, but not self-help." -- Deepak Chopra

Employing compassion, passion, and precision, coupled with extensive research and an accessible writing style, London creates content to help brands share their message with their audience.


12 Projects Completed

Explore the great topics of theology, philosophy, and spirituality through writing that demonstrates interest and empathy, based upon your tone and wisdom, to share your message with your audience.

Blog Post

550 Projects Completed

Blogging on a range of topics, London brings solid research skills, insight, and creativity to crafting content showcasing your brand and transforming visitors into fans.


270 Projects Completed

Give your evangelicals something to shout about with articles highlighting your brand's commitment to engage, inform, and educate, as well as providing a stellar product or service. Creating content crafted to your unique style, London showcases your engagement with your community.

Product Description

256 Projects Completed

Excite your evangelicals with product descriptions that answer FAQs and portray what sets your brand apart. London produces powerful product descriptions detailing functions, benefits, and unique features; viewers become browsers, transforming into buyers.


50 Projects Completed

Creating portraits penned through imagery, examples, quotations, vivid descriptions, and solid research, London writes on artists, intellectuals, entrepreneurs, innovators, outlaws, iconoclasts, and others in the creative class, fashioning illuminating bios and profiles, delighting evangelicals and inspiring fans.

Newsletter Content

25 Projects Completed

Keep your content fresh and your brand at the forefront of fans' consciousness with your web-based and print newsletters. London creates content that excites, informs, and educates your community.

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