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London R
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Excite the audience's attention with articles, blog posts, and marketing/promotional material composed in a clear, conversational tone based upon a foundation of research and expert resources. London R. is committed to sharing the message, captivating the audience, and using written media to put the customer's brand in the spotlight.
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Topics of experience, inclination, and expertise: Arts & Culture, Media, Fashion, Holistic Health, Home & Family, Hospitality, Spirituality, Travel, and Self-Help.


Interests and hobbies include the classic introvert favorites plus several extrovert outliners: reading, meditation, museum-attendance, film & theatre-going, concerts (classical, jazz, blues, Americana/roots), crafting bath and body botanicals, refurbishing thrift store finds, volunteering with the library summer reading program, plus traveling, dancing and hiking thrown in for good measure.


Portland State University

Graduated Magna Cum Laude

The University of Texas at Austin

Major in Radio, Television, and Film


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Humor is born from the frisson between the actual and the ideal; from this tension, we come to know ourselves and our world. Humor isn't just for splash pages and introductions. Use humor as one of the signature moves to enliven your image. Newsletters, articles, blogs, videos, apps, and marketing presentations are all enhanced with insight, irony, wit, and clever wordplay. It's a crowded field out there: Stand apart from your competitors with humor and use levity in sensational slogans, cool taglines, and brilliant websites. Gather accolades and earn loyalty from your fans with wisdom and wit that is based upon a fulcrum of integrity and humor. London R. has worked at The American Comedy Institute in New York City, and she is tickled pink to be a member of the WriterAccess comedy writing team.


28 Projects Completed

Creating content for an audience of publishing professionals can be intimidating. That's why London R. is pleased to offer services to help captivate readers and to aid authors, editors, copywriters, printers, publishers, graphic designers, bookstore owners, and other bibliophiles. She brings knowledge gained from writing and publishing as a journalist, staff writer, blogger, and author of fiction, poetry, plays, and essays. Through editing, proofreading, and working on the editorial board of a literary press, she has gained respect and understanding of the editorial and the creative sides of the industry. London believes in maintaining connections with the literary community and with keeping up with the latest developments in publishing trends through annually attending professional literary conferences.

Writing in a variety of tones, from academic to conversational, London creates work that speaks to your audience, bringing energy, experience, and clarity to your writing and publishing projects. When it comes to crafting work for the publishing industry, language and ideas work to showcase your brand by forging content that keeps your audience immersed in your message.


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Travel is one of the most anticipated and discussed leisure time activities. Whole segments of economies depend upon it. Travel is a goal, reward, lifestyle, and motivator for many people. It's about immersion into new cultures, cuisines, and environments. Conversely, travel can also center around R&R. London R. believes that travel is so much more than reaching a destination; the greater part of any trip is the acquired self-knowledge gained on the journey. London has written for webpages, blogs, and travel guides. Topics include health tips for travelers, the vineyards of Napa, lingerie boutiques in New York, music festivals in Texas, and other topics that inspire travelers to hit the trail.

London R. has traveled throughout Europe, Mexico, Belize, Canada, and the US. She has resided in Austin, NYC, Brooklyn, Berkeley, Portland, New Orleans, and San Francisco.


23 Projects Completed

Capture the beauty, discipline, and drama of Fashion with articles, blog posts, marketing/promotional material, and product descriptions that showcase your style. London R. can help you to share your passion for Fashion. Experience in writing for the garment trade includes topics such as emerging designers, indy ateliers, sustainable textiles, vintage clothing shopping tips, and seasonal style updates. Set the stage for your presentations with sensational copy that will lead evangelicals, devotees, fans, and followers to your brand.


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What do "The 7 Best Films Depicting Lesbians on Netflix," a profile on Patti Smith, humorous feminist erotica in "Hustler" and "Penthouse," and the piece "How to Select a Male Escort" have in common? These are all pieces that London R. has written exploring the subjects of women's lives, gender, sexuality, and the intersectionality of identity in articles, short stories, and blog posts.


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Performing artists, musical impresarios, educators, and anyone in a music-related industry can showcase their talent with words that capture the energy and drive of a band or a brand in a style that entertains, informs and educates. Enjoy unique content created especially for newsletters, blogs, online/print publications, artists' websites, and more. Give music fans something to sing about. Areas of concentration include jazz, blues, classical, ambient/new age, Americana, indy, and rock. Experience in musician/industry insider interviews, concert promotion, music reviews, website content, and bios. Discovering a new musical sound is one of the great joys in life. London is ready to help share that joy.

Self Help

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"I dislike the word 'self-help.' Self-awareness, yes, but not self-help." -- Deepak Chopra
"I do believe in self-help." -- Clint Eastwood

Employing compassion, passion, and precision, coupled with extensive research and an accessible writing style that invites the reader along on the journey to self-discovery is the hallmark of the best Self-Help philosophy and writing. Discover how creative content for websites, blogs, social media presentations and more can help convey a unique message to readers who acquire the necessary tools to improve their lives through Self-Help works.

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Blogging on Arts & Culture, Fashion, Urban Planning, Lifestyle, Travel, Holistic Health, and Gender Issues, London R. explores experts and influencers' opinions, and brings experience, humor, and insight to creating blog posts that invite the audience to consider fresh ideas, insights, and provocative questions through painstakingly-researched posts created in a clear and concise writing style.

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