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In his time as a freelance writer, Robert has learned the satisfaction that comes with taking a client's idea and hammering that idea into its shiniest and most glorious form. It's an intoxicating challenge - how do you breathe life into a voice that isn't yours? - and meeting it brings him an experience unlike anything else. What could be more rewarding than helping build something from scratch and imbuing it with personality?
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Robert specializes in stamping out meaningless "market" speak and bringing a company's voice to life that customers will appreciate. He's also a skilled proposal and grant writer, technical editor, and does French-English translation. When he's feeling particularly gutsy, he writes short fiction.


Robert has a love science and business-to-business writing, as he enjoys being an informed member of an industry community. He is also an avid gamer, and enjoys developing games and getting them into the public eye.


Florida Atlantic University

Studied language, writing, and language instruction through the scientific lens of linguistics.

Emerson College

Studied marketing, writing, and content-creation tools. Coursework included: building websites, press releases, book proposals, magazine articles, and more.

Brevard Community College

Robert achieved his AA while studying writing and education.


10 Projects Completed

Robert has developed academic articles, white papers, grants, and proposals for researchers at Florida Atlantic University. He also has an extensive scientific and technological background as an early adopter of technology and personal ties to NASA.


5 Projects Completed

Robert has prepared a wide range of B2B content, having written everything from company blogs to technical documents and white papers.


3 Projects Completed

Robert has worked with tabletop and video game developers to provide story content, kickstarter materials, and marketing tools. He understands a player's perspective and how to appeal to it, and he is passionate about the industry itself.


42 Projects Completed

Robert has experience in writing articles for magazines and company blogs. Industries he has written for include: R&D, manufacturing, gaming, catering, entertainment, and more.

Blog Post

11 Projects Completed

Robert has written both business and "personal" blogs, creating content that not only provides readers with the information and style that they're looking for, but which builds traffic.

White Paper

2 Projects Completed

Robert understands the principles of a strong white paper: good information, clear organization, and compelling, data-driven copy that speaks to the ability of the reader and calls upon them to act.

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