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Lauren H
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Lauren H. comes to you with a multifaceted skill set that includes being educated at ESS in Dallas, Texas. Lauren has been writing professionally for many years and is heavily involved in assisting digital marketers, business owners, realtors, contractors, and more with monthly content for their businesses, SEO-structured website pages, and other content-related projects. Additionally, Lauren H. is proficient in using SEO content tools such as Clearscope and Surfer SEO.

Lauren H. can easily develop an attention-grabbing headline and compelling content that leads the reader eagerly through to the end of the article. Additionally, Lauren understands the importance of a strong call to action and one that is structured in a way that encourages the reader to take the action called for.

Lauren H. is also well-versed in SEO and is familiar with keywords, anchor text, LSI, drilling down to find user intent, and how to use each technique in the proper context for readers and Google's algorithm preferences.

In addition, Lauren is proficient with a wide variety of digital marketing techniques including how information is viewed, assimilated, and shared on Google and various other platforms.

Therefore, Lauren can structure your piece in a way that will encourage the search engines to give favor to your content and increase your page rankings for whatever content you are trying to rank.

As a professional content writer, Lauren H. strives for perfection and pays close attention to detail. Additionally, she will go above and beyond to put together an award-winning piece of content that is sure to get results.
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